By BellinaNico - United States - Mcdonough
Today, I called my fiancé just to tell him how much I love him, as a sweet gesture. He yelled at me for interrupting his video game and blamed my "neediness" on the fact that I'm menstruating. FML
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  TheDrifter  |  23

Odd, I pictured the conversation going more like "Hey honey, what's up?" "I loooooove you" "I love you too, what you need?" "I just wanted to call and say I love you" "you've been gone 5 minutes, messed up my kill streak, mumble grump, mumble grump"

  JACKxRAWR  |  22

I'm with #78 here. My ex called me on my birthday (back when we were together) and we talked for about an hour. Straight after she hung up I sat down to play my new game (I think it was LA Noire), and 10 minutes later she called me again, this time with her friend on the line and got all pissy when I said that we'd already talked loads and I wanted to play the vidya. I think OP is giving us the short version of something similar.

  Champignon_fml  |  19

Or it may be a sign that he actually has a life of his own and doesn't like to be interrupted while doing something that requires concentration. Sure, most games can be paused, but if you're marrying this guy, you should know by now how he behaves when he's gaming and you shouldn't be surprised if he reacts like this when disturbed.
I can relate to OP's fiancé. I only call people or get called if an answer is needed urgently and we use texts for everything else. So if I'm busy concentrating on something and I get a call from my boyfriend, I pick up the phone assuming something's happened that requires immediate attention. If said call then turns out to be like this:
Me: "Yes?"
Him: "Hiiiii 8)"
Me: "My phone is ringing. What's the matter?"
Him: "Nothing, I luuuurv you 8)"
Then yes, I am going to be pissed. Does that mean I don't love him? No, it means you don't misuse the "emergency hotline" for something you can say in a text, a sweet note, or when I get home. It's like calling 911 to wish the operator a good day.

By  zandalee  |  19

Look at it this way, if there is little or no romance in your guy before you get married you are basically fucked from the get-go.
Take this as a sign. A big red flag, and move on.

  Pleonasm  |  34

I realise that. The first sentence is facetious. The second one is too, to a lesser extent, but also does serve as a warning that if you DO have a particularly game-ragey boyfriend, it's better to leave him alone- for your sake, not his. Regardless of who is in the wrong or right, if you want to be spared some yelling, it's the better choice.
That is all.


Well, if she has such a game-ragey boyfriend who thinks its perfectly reasonable to yell at her for saying something sweet to him, then she should think about finding someone else who is more suited to her.

My husband is a serious gamer, but he has never yelled at me for telling him that I loved him... And if he wanted to stay married, he wouldn't dare.


I feel as though there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Maybe the two have been fighting, aren't on the best of terms at the time, and the fiancé mistook her make up call as another cut at him.

Even if this is not the case, I still don't see this as a reason for OP to leave her fiancé. This is one thing! Every person has their odd quirks and things that get under their skin. Being in a relationship is about trusting each other and learning how to make your partner happy. Interrupting the dude's game ticked him off, their relationship is young, and if OP wants it to last, she'll learn.

Peace out.

Pleonasm you're awesome.


Oh yes, because there is no such thing as a gamer-woman.
There may be more than meets the eye to the situation, she was obviously not calling to say that she loves him out of malice.
There was no need for that. No need for him to be mean.

  Sheh_fml  |  25

Totally agreeing with you.
If you can't pause the game, then you don't pick up the phone right away. And if PAUSING a game is too much hassle when your partner wants to talk, then you obviously aren't valuing them high enough to have a partner. Games don't spoil, they can always wait.

  greenfishbait  |  19

He's clearly not that terrible considering he answered the phone mid-game, which is more than I would have done. if the fml went "my fiance wouldn't answer my calls because he was gaming" , he would be just as bad.

  depocadoll  |  15

I agree completely, my fiancé is the exact same way. He would "pause" and online shooter to get up, walk over and kiss me. If someone loves you, you'd never doubt it.

By  nattynatters  |  14

So what's his excuse? Guys blame everything on our periods but they think they can be jerks whenever. I love nerd boys but not ones who can't pull their head out of their butt long enough to be nice.