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Today, my boyfriend called and told me he had cheated on me with a minor. She's claiming it was rape and is going to put him in jail. He asked me to help him pay for his attorney. FML
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You see? Now THIS is a boyfriend FML. None of this 'he said this, I feel a tad embaressed/sad'.

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Why would an adult want to sleep with a child? Your boyfriend is sick and you should stay as far away as possible. Children are not appealing.



Classic jail bait drama.

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can you please speak English?

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Agreed with 40!

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So you're suggesting that they should know before they read the comment whether they will be annoyed?

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Sina, if you're sick of people like this, don't read the comment. Payback's a bitch, ain't it?

to young is just another name in Japan.


As well as in China my friend.

its hard to tell though bAsians stop aging after 15 and don't age again until 45

Tooyoung isnt a name in japan. Im japanese, i know for a fact it isnt. Tooyoung is a name in either korea or china, get ur facts right.

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I suggest you stop talking to him. FYL. :/

You see? Now THIS is a boyfriend FML. None of this 'he said this, I feel a tad embaressed/sad'.

YDI for not be an under aged hottie.

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What the fuck is wrong with you, you sick asshole. That's like blaming you for not being younger. How the fuck is it her fault? And why the fuck should it matter? If her 'bf' is sick enough to fool around with someone that much younger than him, he is sicker than you.

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Why would an adult want to sleep with a child? Your boyfriend is sick and you should stay as far away as possible. Children are not appealing.

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I agree, but it's possible that he's 19 and she's 17 or 16. Still, that's pretty nasty. Also, it would be nice to know if there is an age of consent where this FML took place.

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Of course there are gray areas, but if you're an adult, you should not be with a child. If you're with someone when you're both minors and one happens to turn 18 first, I would say that's different. Unless there's a large gap between ages. Given that this story was published on FML, I'm going to /assume/ they are quite a few years older than 18. Once you're an adult, you should stay away from anyone younger than 18. IMO.

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How is 19 and 17 nasty?

Most laws regarding age of consent have a minimum age difference. I think it's usually fine if the age difference is less than 2 years.

I agree with your comment #44, Anna, with the exception of your assumption. Without more info, I just can't wholeheartedly say HDI. There are far too many young girls out there with age-inappropriate clothes, caked-on make-up, and fake IDs to assume he could tell she was a minor. If he definitely knew she was a minor, then yeah, he needs to pay the consequences for statutory rape, because that's inexcusable.  But if they just met, she lied about her age AND she fully consented, I can't agree with such harsh penalties. There's a big difference between the latter scenario and baiting kids with candy at a playground. Unfortunately, US laws don't differentiate the two very clearly, and once someone's listed on the sex offender registry, most people don't give a crap how they got there-- they're gonna assume the worst. Having said all of that, I'm not sure the issue here is statutory rape anyway. If it was, it wouldn't matter that she's claiming rape now; she couldn't legally consent to begin with. It seems to me like this is more a matter of the typical he said/she said rape charge, but he's just at a major disadvantage. Since she's a minor, chances are the court will look more harshly upon his actions, and possibly he'll be considered guilty until proven innocent in the jury's eyes. Either way, though, OP needs to cut her ties and tell him to hire a public defender.     

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Several months ago the news was all over a 17yr old that got a lot of jail time (24 years?) on rape charges because his 16yr old girlfriend gave him a bj. It's easier to get caught up in this than people suspect.

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age of consent is socially determined. in the older times most people are married alot younger.

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I guess the main deal with the guy here is that he's a cheater, and obviously not too smart. Haha.

I love Inuyasha too. :)

Strebor, I don't knkw where you're from, but in texas, it's 17, and of both parties are under 17 and over fourteen, the can consent if they are within a two year age gap. Which honestly makes a lot of sense to me, as it rids the situation on statutory rape of more of its gray area.

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In Canada (well at least Albert ) where I live age of consent is 16 and they can be with someone up to 4 years older. Also age of consent changes depending on where you are from. However to me this sounds more like a much older adult dating a minor rather than someone who just turned 18.

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more like eff his life hes goin to jail and u get to laugh at his sorry cheating ass lol

Holy sh** that's crazy.

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