By sofakingweetodit - United States
Today, I was shopping for pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond. My husband playfully picked up a pillow pretending to start a pillow fight. I grabbed the largest pillow and chased him with it. When I finally caught up with him, a manager came around the corner. I was escorted out. FML
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  ChubbyCake  |  5

OP the world isn't going to end. At least you will be able to come back to the store. Last week I got into a fight at the mall. I am not able to be in the mall or else they mall manager with call the cops. I can't even be in the parking lot:(

  bh0p  |  0

17 I find you beautiful too, but wonder about your lack of clothing O_o anyway 25, what the heck please people stop flirting over FML

and OP haha I hate Twitter, but days sumthin to tweet about.