By sofakingweetodit - 18/10/2010 11:52 - United States

Today, I was shopping for pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond. My husband playfully picked up a pillow pretending to start a pillow fight. I grabbed the largest pillow and chased him with it. When I finally caught up with him, a manager came around the corner. I was escorted out. FML
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Lol, who cares at least you had fun!! :)

Guess you are an exception, posting a FML while seeming happily married. Keep on having fun!


Lol, who cares at least you had fun!! :)

lame. there's a difference between having fun and acting juvenile.

Oh hush. The world doesnt have to be so serious all the time. Yeah, theres a time to joke and a time not to be, but its okay to be silly sometimes.

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^agreed and your really pretty :)

ChubbyCake 5

OP the world isn't going to end. At least you will be able to come back to the store. Last week I got into a fight at the mall. I am not able to be in the mall or else they mall manager with call the cops. I can't even be in the parking lot:(

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17 I find you beautiful too, but wonder about your lack of clothing O_o anyway 25, what the heck please people stop flirting over FML and OP haha I hate Twitter, but days sumthin to tweet about.

how is this an fml????

25 U need your eyes checked. She is overweight. She is not hot because she posts a pic of herself with very little covering her. She is not attractive at all.

Not an fml, just sounds like fun. People who can't loosen up bother me... ur husbands a lucky guy.

DenBriZel 31

She's not attractive because she's "overweight"? What kind of egotistical thing is that?! Get your head out of your ass.

how is this an FML? haha this should be on MLIA lmfao

Guess you are an exception, posting a FML while seeming happily married. Keep on having fun!

LOL sounds awesome! I personally like to go around the computer store high fiving people with a plastic hand.

you should have told them you were just testing them out for your sorority slumber party.

awww fyl! make friends!

sorry wrong fml... awks

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I only thumbed now this comment cause you said awks

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It's a store, not a playground.

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get a life

Get a, um, color camera. And a shirt?

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Good times.

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you fail! jump off a bridge!

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I get kicked out of places everywhere I go

me to!!! lol:) but where is the fun in life if you don't right! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!