By Beaten - 31/07/2010 23:50 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of one year broke up with me. He's been in jail for the last four months. I paid for his very expensive lawyer. FML
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iR0ckSkinnys 3

He's a jerk. You don't need him anyway op!


turns out not expensive enough? he's in jail

islandjew247 0

lol well u got jipped cuz he still went to jail anyway. did u think money would bind u guys?

he found someone else.... on the inside!! besides he prolly dint wana cheat on u while he was in there!

lionandthelamb61 9

and I thought text message breakups were the worst, this just in: bullet proof glass breakups. you should tell him that after this he better pray they don't let him out

YayAmerica 0

The alternative was being with a guy with a record. The OPs name was "Beaten". I don't know if that has anything to do with your boyfriend's jail sentence or not, OP, but I'm pretty sure you're better off without him. Maybe in the future you'll be more careful with your financial generosity toward the opposite sex.

pwincessa23 1

YDI for paying for his lawyer. it's not like he's your husband and even then if he needs a lawyer then you should probably reconsider the relashionship.

pwincessa23 1

YDI for paying for his lawyer. it's not like he's your husband and even then if he needs a lawyer then you should probably reconsider the relashionship.

awsomechick212 0
Janglur476 0

you are all dumb. it sounds to me that she just paid for the expensive lawyer to get him out of jail. that or she worded the sentence backwards...

ruby84 1

what did you expect from a man who can't support himself financially (cuz u had to pay the lawyer), a man who is a criminal and bad enough to get arrested and put away for four months and need an expensive lawyer! you dumb girl you

onelove222 0

all of you guys sound stupid as hell. You go to jail first untill your court date and then you and your LAWYER go to court. If found guilty you then go to prison.

YDI for not breaking up with him first when he went in 4 months ago.

jail sentences are dealbreakers. ydi for staying with that ass...

alex31590_fml 0

what does alaska has to do with jail?

ummm ydi for dating some kind of criminal.

its funny because he just wanted your money its funny cause he left you for a dude its funny cause he is now gay

maybe he found out that he likes the ****

well do you really want to go out with that douche? he must have done something bad or else his jail time would not have been so long. why did you even pay for the lawyer I. the first place? I would have dumped him when I found out he was on jail.

What's wrong with living in Alaska? I love living there

you deserve it for knowingly haven had a criminal

iR0ckSkinnys 3

He's a jerk. You don't need him anyway op!

Cat_Daniels 6

IKR? I would have dump him cause he was dumb enough to have to go to jail.

thats some messed up crap, you will find better. :)

ohthebloodygore 16

YDI for dating someone in jail. C'mon it's not like he was in there for helping his grandmum cross the street, He's probably a world class con and he just conned you

RecklessJellyBea 7

He was only in jail four months...

Arsonnist 3

Is she supposed to just break up with him once he gets into jail? I assume she knew the reason. Either way, she shouldn't have paid for the lawyer.

ElMundio87 0

11 I'd break up with him, it's called having standards

Arsonnist 3

Well I was just trusting that op was still with him for a reason. Like something he didn't do. But maybe I'm wrong and she is just weird.

Having had a best friend in jail, I can say that not everyone in jail is a piece of scum. Sometimes people break the law because they were doing something like defending themselves, defending a loved one, or trying to simply survive. Not everyone is lucky enough to avoid dangerous positions. You can love someone who does something wrong as well.

^^ True, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut... a hell of a lot of people are in there for short sentences because they acted like a dick. And I say short sentences, cause they're the kind of ones dickheads commit crimes for which they think are worth the risk. And since this douche dumped her as soon as he was out and asked her to pay his lawyer fees, we can assume he's definitely a ********. He probably only stayed with her so someone would visit.

Ew, that does suck :/ noone really knows anything about anyone. Lesson learned OP.

JokeMeister 0

You must be horrible for him to choose celibacy instead of you.. or he's not as celibate in jail as you think!!

And I'm sure he's very grateful of you for paying for his very expensive lawyer :)

superbadd 0

38, well that's true, BUT I say that dude makes the look work,

ohthebloodygore 16

44- no one can make the Justin look work, not even Justin.

How do you know Justin Bieber doesn't dress and look like me? hmm? :) His music sucks D:

I agree with the glowing kitty girl

there was probably a good reason that he was in jail that long and your the stupid betch that sprung him free

TaylorTotsYumm 10

He probably likes getting it up the bum, from his cell mates, too much.