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Today, my boyfriend got arrested. For robbing my house. FML
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how he is your boyfriend exactly?

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1- how you did pass 1st grade?

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A creepy pedophile asked her to be her bf on facebook, she said yes, gave him her address and the next day he waited at her house to rape her, she never came home, so he decided to rob her house...

32 all you have to do is draw pretty pictures. 1st grade was easy as ****.

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Oh Mrsassypants, if I weren't already married I'd propose to you. Your comments are probably the best.

You can still propose to me, but I'll properly break into your house and get arrested. :D EDIT: I tried to make an FML refrence on the same FML. -_-

a_lenzmeier 11

I'll forgive the poor reference. =) I'll be waiting for you. I'll propose after you b&e. It's more romantic that way.

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Because i'm too clever for my own good, my brain automatically switched round the two words so 1's comment made sense. Obviously I have learned the official language 'Retarded'.

71 yeah I read 1's comment the the same way. Some people do notice stuff easily, while other people who read the the same thing don't notice it. The the same thing is happening right now too. Some people notice that I keep putting the the same word twice, while others don't notice the the difference. ^You've probably seen something like that somewhere else but I thought I'll still do it anyway. :D

70 I'm sure you're joking but you really aren't coming across as a great wife. Might want to work on the flirting thing with your husband instead. No disrespect!

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Haha when I read b&e it reminded me of Dane Cooks joke about b&e's lol. He's the bomb!

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75 - That was fricking awesome.

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Yeah I was joking. And I wasn't flirting. Trust me, it'd be a lot more obvious. I'm just a huge admirer of his work. He is a literal genius.

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This was your boyfriend's thought process: 1) get girlfriend 2) rob her 3)??? 4) make profit _ chan FTW!

Maybe he was stealing stuff to give to you as a gift.

I was beaten by AND mrs assy pants. it must be a lot like that thing where as long as the first and last letter of a word are in the correct spot the rest cans be jumbled up and you'll read it just fine. now this leads me wondering. am I of superior intelligence because I automatically read a failed sentence correctly and my mind ignores repeated words or am I just an idiot and understand that level of stupidity?

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87- that's the beauty of the Internet. I can say what I'd like, when I'd like to, and there is not a whole lot anyone can do about it. Also, I'm pretty sure if I tried hard enough, I could find someone to care. So your point is kind of well, for lack of better term, pointless.

also is it really robbing when you're in a relationship or just borrowing?

a_lenzmeier 11

Breaking and entering dearie. And thanks for confirming my point.

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#75, ok, MrSassyPants, that comment rocked... my brain completely skipped the repeated word until you mentioned it, and then I read the comment more thoroughly.... Skimming = "Auto-correct" for the mind...

87 No need to be rude. She was replying to me. 85 I knew you were joking, that's why I said no disrespect. It's true you can be anyone on the Internet but just think how you would feel if you read your husband saying "IF" I wasn't married blah blah blah. It was probably in good fun but respect your marriage enough to not cross those boundaries, you're only insulting yourself by making it seem your husband's not worthy. Oh and I do care too. And I'm also a HUGE MrSassypants fan!

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87- you obviously cared enough to post a comment that no one cares...hmm

That's enough with the MrSassyPants and a_lenzmeier love affair via the FML commenting forum. You both make me want to vomit, as I sit in my outhouse playing wit myself. And SassyPants your comments suck. My BFF gayboii puts you to shame any day, n00b. lololroflhahahaha.....

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You're an idiot because you can't even use proper English! My 4 year old has better English than you!!

Jesse, you talking to mi tough guy; What does my englash have too due with anything... Are you one of MrSassys peoples!!

A7X_LoVeee 10

Ooh Sassy you just mind ****** me.

Way to go MrSassyPants, you raped my brain then I had to look through the paragraph again. Sure enough, you were repeating "the".

Oh yea, he's a keeper. He knows how to keep a good cash flow. :)

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Comment number 1 is obviously a dad gum Yankee based off the sole fact that all Yankees are ravenous swine.

FMLuvLife 3

he wasn't robbing your house sillyhead! he was just there to leave you a beautiful bouquet of flowers that he bought breaking your kitchen window with a rock. :]

what does OP mean really. I'm new to all this abbreviating on FML it's different then all the other teens make up.

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I like how OP's user name is completely irrelevant to this FML (:

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92- I care. 0-0 MrSassyPants' comments are quite amusing. :3 He totally screwed my mind with that one comment though. -_-

201- I like how your comment is completely irrelevant to 1's comment, or to anyone else's comment for that matter.

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OP means Other person And I love how all these comments have absolutely nothing to do with the FML ;)

Damn I didn't notice, is that good or bad? 8|

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Who is he going to call to bail him out? A) his girlfriend B) A polar bear Lock in your votes now

44 I hope it's the coke polar bear because if it can't break him out, atleast he can get some coke and relax. StupidGuyWhoLeavesStupidComments: But how can he drinck he coke whil geting raped bye evryone? Don't look at the negatives people.

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44: i pick C, a sparkly unicorn...cuz they're helpfull when you're in jail. Trust me, I would know.

He just wanted his stuff back since OP won't give him his kidney. Come on now.

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Maybe it's just a really bad seduction technique?

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why the hell would you date someone that would rob your house was he a drug addict if so why would you date a drug addict. he probably just used you because you have rich parents. and you dated him because it's all you thought you could get..

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44- I say (A) Nah jk, but FYL OP

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The awkward moment when OP saw his/her stolen items in their boyfriends house.


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#77 u are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ah, the old "I'll date you, and steal most of your stuff while you're away" act.

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He's gonna beat you senseless with stupidity. Don't listen.

guys he/she was making a joke. calm your nuts/****

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LMFAO That Comment Made My Dayyy

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If he wasn't a moron he would too.

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How is KaySL a favorite among many people when all he does is talk trash?

23: your expression is freaking me out

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kaysl, it's a joke. geez... chill. People like you ruin fml with your pointless nagging. No one cares and you look stupid. Shut up already.

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Ahhhh red necks :) gotta love em or else they'll high Jack your trailer oh I mean "home"

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Yup. Sounds like the perfect guy. "Hey babe, wanna go to dinner? I pawned that tv I stole from your house for like 20 bucks. I think we could afford to go big! Maybe some Burger King tonight instead of McDonald's." total keeper

YDI for pressing charges & then complaining about it.

We don't know that she is the one who pressed charges. It could have been a family member

we don't know that she was the one who pressed charges. It could have been a family member

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