By fmlll - 28/08/2009 15:08 - United States

Today, I wanted to be creative. I hid an engagement ring for my girlfriend inside one of her running shoes. I expected her to find it and wake me up, but she didn't. Later, when I asked if there was anything in her shoe, she responded, "There was a rock. I just shook it out outside. Why?" FML
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I'm really sorry to say it, but YDI, come on, a ******* shoe? I'd probably shake a "rock" off too without giving 2 flying ducks about it.

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go look for it!!!!!!!


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go look for it!!!!!!!

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YDI Seriously, an engagement ring in a shoe? Yes, because EVERYONE looks in their shoes before they put them on. Idiot.

you cant be fuckn serious...?. how in anyway is that fukn cute? or romantic. in the bicths runnin shoe?...yeaah get ya ass out there on yur knees & start searching

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Nice move, because everyone checks inside their shoes everytime before they wear them. -__

for real, and plus i get pissed off when there's a pebble in my shoe. i'd be really angry if something as big as a ring was bothering the bottom of my foot

put the CASE with the ring inside the shoe

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I'm not going to lie. that really wouldn't Beas romantic as being asked

She felt it, and usually people see what falls our of their shoe when they shake it out. So no it's the girls fault

that wasnt smart at all...

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yup. OP, your creativity sucks ass.

Well.. agreed on the lack of creativity (A running shoe? really? "Oh cool! A diamond in my footsweat!"), but I do think your girlfriend lied, because, really, first of all, the difference between a ring and a rock is pretty noticable, and besides, would you remember if you threw a rock out of your shoe a couple of hours earlier? I wouldn't. Most people wouldn't. Only if it was a "memorable" rock, and if it was, she would have noticed that it was a ring... I don't want to call fake, because that defeats the purpose of fmylife, but well, yeah, you catch my drift.

The creativity of the poster is fine. She likes to run, so she would look there, and it's a spot you wouldn't expect. The reason this is a valid FML is because of how ridiculous it is that the girlfriend would throw something out of her shoe that was a ring; not many stones have a circle with a sharp area on top. And furthermore, if you empty your shoe, you don't look away, you look in the shoe. Otherwise, you wouldn't know if you really got whatever was bothering you out.

Well, listen, the ring didn't have to be on its lonesome-- a box for an engagement ring is small enough to fit in a shoe unless the shoe's like size 2 or something. That would probably look more like a rock than the ring itself, and when you're concentrating on something else, selective attention gets the better of you.

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For both of them.

I'm really sorry to say it, but YDI, come on, a ******* shoe? I'd probably shake a "rock" off too without giving 2 flying ducks about it.

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Yeah! That is so unromantic, lazy, and not cute at all.

You are seriously the dumbest idiot in the world. What made you think that was going to turn out to be a good idea at all?

Actually the biggest idiot was the one that tied the ring to some helium-filled balloons. The balloons flew away along with the ring. The girl actually threatened to dump him if he didn't get the ring back.

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just do it the normal way. get down on a knee

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Engagement ring in a running shoe? Maybe if you had said it out loud to yourself you would have realized how stupid the whole idea sounds.

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I laughed at that for a good minute.

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What are you gonna do next? Put the ring in her food so she can choke on it?

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Hope you had insurance on it. YDI though

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wow, ydi you ******* idiot. do you honestly think people just stare into their shoes before they put them on?

That was a stupid place to hide it. She could've stepped on it and broke it, too.

If your girlfriend has sufficient mass to crush a diamond, 'no' might be the better answer. Not to mention the hardness of her foot callous would be hurl-worthy.

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I don't think YeahYeah meant she'd break the diamond itself, just the mounting.