By Michael - / Friday 5 June 2009 21:42 / United States
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By  gonzi_fml  |  0

wtf? um... why didn't you do anything if it's been 2 weeks?

  22cute  |  17

OMG I always read about that in the paper and wonder what sort of idiot does not know what death smells like. And what fool doesn't call the super when they have a missing neighbor & a weird smell. Guess now I know!

  tobyraza  |  0

"Today, the police finally found me in my apartment. I had been decomposing there for two weeks now, and my idiot neighbor didn't do a thing about it. FML" No, but, i'm sorry to hear your neighbor died.

By  GregTheWang  |  0

This is sick... And sad... And funny.

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