By Michael - United States
Today, I found the source of the bad smell that has been plaguing me for the past two weeks in my apartment. The police knocked on my door asking if I've seen my neighbor recently. I haven't. The smell has been that of a dead person. It's a smell that even Febreze can't remove. FML
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  22cute  |  17

OMG I always read about that in the paper and wonder what sort of idiot does not know what death smells like. And what fool doesn't call the super when they have a missing neighbor & a weird smell. Guess now I know!

  tobyraza  |  0

"Today, the police finally found me in my apartment. I had been decomposing there for two weeks now, and my idiot neighbor didn't do a thing about it. FML"

No, but, i'm sorry to hear your neighbor died.