By Peachtree - 04/06/2018 15:00

Today, I learned that the super cute guy I've been dating for the last 4 weeks is a total gross slob. His house was like a garbage skip, literally ankle deep in garbage, pizza boxes, old crud, and filth. It stank of cat urine and there was poop residue in his toilet bowl. FML
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Details like that don’t matter when urine love.

Well, time to dump him.


Well, time to dump him.

PenguinPal3017 19

Sounds like he's already "dumped" himself.

Why is THIS a solution? Why can't she use the mouth on her to gargle some words with him in conversation to ask him to clean up his act or get a maid if he is too busy being super cute? Why is dumping him an immediate and final solution?

Because people rarely change, especially for others. And I would not want to be near a person that lacks basic hygiene and definitely wouldn't want to be romantically/sexually involved with someone like that. Dump him is also the answer because OP is probably looking for a partner, not a filthy child to clean after.

I heard no mention of an actual cat. Perhaps the source of the urine smell was a different species?

Details like that don’t matter when urine love.

I hope he has a cat because that “cat urine” smell can mean he’s smoking meth inside the house. Regardless it’s time to leave.

Is his name Michael?

chris_lillo 15

You would think he would at least attempt to somewhat clean up for his own girlfriend.

ThatGuy9679 13

I shudder at the thought

maybe that's just where he takes girls to see if they stick around because he is actually a billionaire. and maybe that turd residue was left by you.

Dump him and avoid him, never look back.

Goes to show that no one is perfect. Just saying.

At least he’s potty trained...