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Today, I grounded my daughter for putting play doh in the toaster. She's 17 and got into Columbia early admissions. FML
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ClaireXX 0

I think that's like when people are really intelligent academically but lack some common sense...

.....Must resist the urge to put play doh in the toaster >.>


ClaireXX 0

I think that's like when people are really intelligent academically but lack some common sense...

kbabyy 0

I agree the book smart ones are the ones that lack common sense..

Claire nailed it. Also, many people just cast aside their common sense. Some of the most intelligent people out there never really grow up. She'll be making private part and bodily function jokes well into her middle aged years and laughing at herself like she's actually funny. Hey OP, at least she's focusing on the degree and not the 'white picket fence'...for now. *cackle*

Yep. Sometimes, academically smart people are dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to common sense.

lol did she make playdoh waffles or something?

pendulum2012 0

I bet all the high school drop out fast food employees who think they are secretly way more intelligent than Ivy Leaguers are just giddy right now. sorry but you aren't Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting; but have fun thinking that you are some secret unappreciated genius while all those "damn college kids" are a bunch of book smart morons.

letitbe56 0

I would bet you all that she was drunk/high when she did it. Or she just wanted to see what would happen. Also, you can get into a good state school being book smart. You have to be actually smart (i.e., you know the facts AND you are creative) to get into an Ivy League school. So lack of fluid intelligence ("common sense," for those who don't study psychology) isn't the problem here.

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Hm, either she did this as a joke or you failed as a parent. Either way, YDI.

tweetbaby14 18

how sad she's one of the dumb book-smart people

v1kt4r 13

Also it myt have something to do with the little fact that you think grounding her is still some form of punishment for a 17 yr old Treat someone like a grown up, chance are they'll step up

CyclonePsycho 1

Unfortunately I am one of those book-brilliant people without any shred of common sense. For srsly, I can rock your world in math, yet I can't remember which is my right hand... Hey, at least I've never put play doh in a toaster. But that's just because the idea hadn't crossed my mind yet and I don't have any play doh. :-D

It's only the ones that really spend all of their time studying to get decent marks that lack common sense most of the time. I'm in a college prep sort of course called the International Baccalaureate programme, and I make As and Bs without studying and have a lot more common sense than most of the people I am in classes with (which is certainly enough to know not to put play-doh in the toaster). However, people lacking intelligence also lack in common sense most of the time as well. Therefore, the theory that intelligent people have no common sense doesn't support the hypothesis that unintelligent people as far as bookwork have an unmeasurable amount of common sense.

dudeitsdanny 9

No one said all smart people lack common sense, nor all not smart people have common sense. Therefore, there's no disproven "hypothesis" since no one made any about either one.. And it's pretty common to find that a lot of highly intelligent people lack one of two things: A good work ethic, or common sense. Yours is probably work ethic, much like mine(though you didn't understand that no one made an universal generalization, so it's debateable).

Putting play-doh in the toaster has nothing to do with common sense or lack thereof. She was clearly doing that as a prank, DUH.

raiderh808 0

no but, Div-1 schools are better than Ivy-League... This kid will never amount to much.

grrrrrrrrrrr_fml 0

Hi this is my post. i read all the comments but i decided to reply to the top so everyone can read it (unless u dnt want 2 read it) YES my daughter was inspired by MLIA (tht damn website) 2 do something stupid like this. I did ground her and she's not allowed to use the computer w/o my supervision and she does have 2 buy a new one with her own money. Other than that my daughter i must say is smart and well-rounded. And no she doesnt do drugs nor is she retarted. Also would you please stop using that term because my job involves me searching for cures for mental dissabilities and involves helping mentally challenged kids and their families. Also sarah palin wouldnt like it unless ur rush limbaugh. (ok sorry i was watching the colbert report on demand before i couldnt help but make a palin joke.) btw im an independent, so i couldnt care less about palin, republicans or democrats. both parties are messed up in some way or another, in my opinion. o well im just thankful that my daughter putting playdoh in the toaster is my only problem and YES i do pray for others who are in worse sitiuations. anyway thanks for commenting.

that is SO TRUE! haha. it's why me and all of my friends are a bit strange. and I'm only at Haverford! Who knows what goes wrong once you break the top 5 on the list. >_< but seriously..... we're weird as frick and the longer I spend here the worse I feel I get.

suuuure. keep on thinking that. Div one is only good if you're one of the best among the players at that school. And really, have you not seen the insider connections you get from Ivy Leagues? It's crazy. That being said, I didn't go to an Ivy on Principal. but they would still be better than a D1 unless the person is amazing enough to go pro.

First off, anyone who judges schools by their sports team is an idiot. The primary focus of a university should be academics (and research!) Secondly, the Ivies are yeah.

dudeitsdanny 9

The Ivy Leagues started off as top-notch for sports, not academics.. The term came to be for their level in sports. There's also one "league" below that, but I can't remember the name. One example is Bucknell University, though. Too lazy to google.

lokiitababii69 19

bravo!!! i like when somebody comments back on their own fml post... and people here are writing stupid shit. i have a high iq, graduated with high honors and finished my lpn by the time i was 17... but im still curious what would happen with play doh in a toaster.... or even alot of play doh in a waffle iron :)

Mmmmmm! Toasted PlayDoh! (The Simpons reference) Common sense = 0... what is the point of sticking PlayDoh in the toaster... It would make more sense if it was to burn a house down, but even then who would be THAT stupid...

tweetbaby14 18

Pailin herself is pretty retarded but she's lucky because she can" see Russia from her house," and" shoot the meeses with a gun!!!!" yes I realized I used meeses as the plural for moose

I'm in the IB program aswell and I noticed the same exact thing. What country are you in? I'm in the US

surescope 0

maybe she was bored ever think of that

omfgrofl1337 0

Common sense was not a part of this, she did this dumb act becauss she is a woman

^ WTF that has nothing to do with it. anyone could put playdoh in a toaster if they wanted too. sex doesn't matter. oh and btw even if you tried you couldn't get into an ivy league college, you sexist pig.

wth? r u guys loser geniuss who spend your spare time doing this?

I take offense to this since this really is me and yes we will be able to tell you the actual name of DNA but not know what CIA stands for ...but meh you can't have it all

Actualy I make A's and B's without studying and my friend makes all A's without studying and I'd say that him and I have probably the least amount of common sense in our whole class. My other friend hardcore studies and makes all A's, but is kind of a kill joy because of how much she thinks things over. But I also know not to put play doh in the toaster.

.....Must resist the urge to put play doh in the toaster >.>

what happened to the playdoh? was it like baked clay? if so she now has a memorabilia of this :p

HBubble 3

Cut her some slack - she's just having a laugh.

iCanMakeYoBEDROC_fml 0

Her "laugh" could've blown up in her face. Literally. Anyway, this just proves Ivy league school don't give a flying flip about having varient students; they just want the supergeniuses or the retards with money-burning parents.

yes, one anecdote about one student proves that. Did you know that if one person who goes to Harvard says "Me and my friends are here." it proves all ivy league college students have poor grammar?

#45 What are you on?? FYI, playdoh melts or solidifies depending on the type. It will NEVER blow up. It seems the moron here is you...

Agree with cut slack... make her buy a new toaster, sure no problem! But limit internet access (from his next post midway through the first comment's replies) and ground her! She's 17, its a little crazy to ground someone at 17... As you said (again midway through the first comment's replies) she's not doing drugs, she gets good grades, is well rounded and got into a great school. She's almost at the age of majority, its time to let the slack on any draconian parenting... trust me.

strangle her with play doh - she should know better

MoonyIce 0

High intelligence, low wisdom. Everyone's gotta have a dump stat.

KurouTenshi 0

beat me to the video game reference to stats LOL besides, maybe when she gets to Columbia she'll level up and gain the "Common Sense" passive skill!

I see that Colimbia has really lowered their admission standards.

Putting Play Doh in the microwave = mole hill Getting into Columbia early = mountain A little perspective might be nice.

tweetbaby14 18

why does a 17 year old have play-doh anyway... that's the only thing Im not getting I gave that stuff up when I was 5

dudeitsdanny 9

Then F-YOUR-L. Why cant the girl use play-doh? It's a creative way to relax. For all you know, she makes fantastix play-doh figurines

jessamused 0

i heart play-doh....Im 29. and educated. and in the top 5% of my uni. I fail to see your point and i only care for proper grammar when writing an essay...not in an internet forum.

LindseyKiwi 0

That's hilarious, and not at all a good reason for grounding someone! It's not like you're still trying to teach her the fundamental lesson, "don't put stuff in the toaster." She was probably just blowing off steam. The funny thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if she submitted this to MLIA.

After she's at Columbia, at least you won't be needing to check for Play-Doh in your toaster every morning before you toast your Eggo waffles.