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Today, I got a call from my husband asking me to bail him out from jail. He was arrested after being caught having sex with a waitress in a restaurant bathroom. FML
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I hope you didn't bail his sorry ass out let the waitress he was caught having sex with bail him out, I'm sorry your husband is a douche OP.


Husband: "Can you bail me out of jail?" OP: "How'd you get there in the first place?" Husband: "The reason's not important." News Station: "A man gets arrested for having sex with a waitress in a restaurant bathroom." (Shows husband's face)

HA I hope you didn't bail him out but I wouldn't be against you paying him a visit with some divorce papers

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Exactly. Leave his cheating ass there.

I hope you didn't bail his sorry ass out let the waitress he was caught having sex with bail him out, I'm sorry your husband is a douche OP.

I'm going to guess that OP probably didn't know about the reason for the arrest until afterwards. What guy would admit that to his wife when he is trying to get her to get him out of jail?

I think he did know why he was arrested she clearly says that he was CAUGHT having sex in the bathroom with the waitress which means they were still in the process of having sex when they got busted he didn't real have a choice but to tell her I'm sure she would of found out one way or another if he didn't tell and she really wanted to know the cop's would of told her if she asked.

Think about what you wrote there #2, the waitress would have been arrested too. It takes two to shag. But yeah, OP should let her husband rot in jail.

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22 he was saying maybe OP didn't know the reason, not the husband. Try not to read faster than your brain can handle next time.

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WOW 22, you're a genius!!! NOT!

Sweetascandy, do you wonder why your first comment got so many likes and your second comment got so many dislikes? PUNCTUATION.

Ummm....I said that OP didn't know why he was arrested...not her husband. He didn't necessarily have to tell her the REAL reason why he was arrested. Oh, and it's would HAVE not would of. I'm going to guess you meant to use "would've" but for whatever reason you failed to understand what they taught you in elementary school.

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#83: I think you're just beating a dead horse now; enough people have ridiculed #22's lack of punctuation/proper grammar.

#118 - I know but since her bad grammar was due to my comment, I felt it was necessary.

I hope you kept him waiting in jail while you filed for divorce and changed the locks to the house!

Legally she actually can't lock him out of his own house until AFTER the divorce is finalized.

#18 where I live you actually can change the locks and lock them out even if you're married and if he tries to break in he can get arrested for breaking and entering even though he lives there.

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18 When my mom found out my dad cheated, she changed the locks and the garage door opener. The police even had to get involved once because his mistress was threatening us and they said nothing about the legality of changing the locks and throwing him out. The mortgage bills do come addressed to her though, so maybe that was why.

this is not school, stop being grammar nazis damn

If you are locked out of your house you legally have the right to kick the door down and the cops can't do anything. Its their house too, you can't kick them out of it. Even though its highly justified.

No idea why everyone is being so mean to you

Hopefully you told him he had the wrong number and not bailed him out!

Please tell me you did not bail the douchebag out.

tell him to have the waitress bail him out. she liked him enough to screw him in a restroom maybe she likes him enough to bail him out.

She's probably busy trying to bail herself out or finding someone to bail her out since they were both caught lol

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If a waitress gets potentially hundreds of dollars in tips a day then I need to make a career change...

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She's calling her husband to bail her out!!! lmao

"Oh I'm sorry why don't you call the waitress to bail you out, by the way I want a divorce." *beep*

@#11 nothing says she works there. Also, way to ruin the joke....

also if she's a waitress and they're in a restaurant bathroom I'm pretty sure she works there otherwise mentioning she's a waitress is pointless

#16 if she wasn't a waitress where he was at then how would she know she was a waitress in the first place? try using your brain and read the fml next time before you comment so you don't look ignorant.

most of you are making yourselves look ignorant for arguing with strangers.

#26 You should probably just give up on trying to get up votes now...

#26: Yes, she's a waitress, but that doesn't automatically mean that she got caught while at work; she could've stopped at a different restaurant on her way home after her shift.

Exactly, and he's stupid enough to even think she would. I'd said, "Forget you! I'm going out with a new guy!" He deserves to stay in jail and mope around.

please, please tell us you didnt bail his ass out.