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By  g_asia  |  4

Blow him off!


71- a pumper sticker is a sticker girls stick on their rumps for the time when guys do them from behind. They usually have cute, funny sayings and some are flavored. Well that or a misspelling of bumper stickers....


You dodged two bullets OP. For one, he is an idiot. If he had any intelligence, he would have at least waited until you were finished. Second, he is an insensitive douche who wanted to take advantage of you one last time. You are better off without him.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

That would hurt. No one should break up with someone while they are getting pleasured. That's just asking for trouble. It's good you didn't bite him and its good you didn't finish. You should have probably slapped him though. He's and idiot and you deserve better.

  mydadpulledout  |  17

I was going to say something along the lines of not pissing someone off that has the ability to decapitate my second head, but it looks like that's already been covered. That dumbass shouldn't breed, there's already plenty of stupid to go around!

By  loserboii  |  11

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  llamafish  |  25

OP is inconsiderate? If the guy is so desperate to "finish" he can give just jack off by himself. And how is it not inconsiderate to plan to break up with someone but first have them give you a blow job?

  Scarshadow101  |  6

Instead of "inconsiderant", he should've used "inconsiderate", which is be correct term.

But if you're gonna be a grammar Nazi, please do it correctly.