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  daniel1_1  |  13

just wondering... how was he jacking off while watching a sex tape and hugging a pillow at the same time? I mean, how do you Jack off and hug @ the same time....... just thought I should point that out.

  tamberine  |  0

you watch with your two eyes, hug the pillow with one arm, and hug your penis with the other hand. you don't need two hands to jerk off or two hands to hug a pillow

  ohSNAPyall  |  26

This would be funnier if it weren't all you had to say. Is that your only schtick, insulting people's typing? At least pick your battles for when it would be funnier / more helpful.

  Danielt104  |  6

If he was a psycopath, he would be jacking off to the tape while taking pictures of her on the tape, printing it out, and stabbing holes through the printed picture of her.

  allysonrigby  |  4

no a pshychopath wouldn't be crying over his ex cause he wouldn't give two flying shits about her, he would not care. pshychopaths only care about themselves, they wouldn't be crying over anyone.


The kind that has a heart?? I agree that OP needs to terminate the relationship but he obviously loves his ex still. Which if you can't understand, it's probably because you don't develop emotions to those you sleep with so when you lose contact with them it doesn't mean jack.