By Alissa - 29/06/2010 04:09 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 7 months broke up with me, and then asked if I'd give him head one last time before he left. FML
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Do it. Bite him halfway through and leave.

Something like that happened to a friend of a friend of mine... in the end, she gave him the *******, but she tore off his foreskin with her teeth as a sort of 'punishment'.


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ooh the question is, did you?!?!?!?!?!

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another question...what means "give him head"@@?

if you don't want to give him head, just remember, I'm always here. yes, I'm a creep.

duuude, I was just bout to ask that. this has been happening a lot :| I see a story, I read it, and then the comment I think about putting is already #1 d:

he should have gotten head first, then break up with her as he cums in her mouth

#3 are you stupid " give him head means" put his **** in her mouth

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in soviet Russia, breakup ******** are mandatory

34 is a win ! but the real question is , did you op ?

it means suck his long John silver or your wing Wang

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#20 raywilliamjohnson? oh yeah, getting back to the fml your now-ex-boyfriend is a dick.

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17- are you the guy or the girl?

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17s offering to give the op's boyfriend head. how queer.

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well you should have give the breakup head. and then talk about how tiny the thing is while comparing it to your pinky, of course also throw in how he never made you cum, not even close... etc etc.... that should hurt... **

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ur bf is dumb he shouldve asked for head and than break up

Why to give him BJ without anything in return? 69 FTW! :)

I agree with #6 make a sandwitch and get on your knees bitch!

lmao yes ray w johnson.. i just watched that one and i believe the reason op got dumped is because SHE AINT GOT NO PANCAKE MIX

hahaha he's an idiot. he shouldve broke up wit u after u gave him head. after not inthe middle or ignite violent u mitt bite it off

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did u I take u now hit me up k

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Damn, he's a serious G for even asking.... but I agree w/ #94, you should get yours too, at least. Blow his mind, make him want you back & then tell him to **** of 'cause his shit's weak!

Every1 on here is right, what is he a rookie. Get it 1st then break up....u shoulda said yes then yacked all over his wang lol

um everyone that's bagging on 3 should know he might be from another country. he looks Asian but could live in the USA ( I'm on a iPod I can't see that stuff) but if he's from a different country "give head" might not be one of the ways to say it. like this do you know what fooly cooly means? and yes it is a anime but it does have a meaning (and its japanese) and no not sex but kind of close. It can lead to it.

sorry it might be well is being a ass but people don't think. giving head sounds like getting a head butt lol

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No, #1, the question is, did OP bite it off?

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epic a hole! great sucess!! whalla mading dong shunuhlalla bukkety bush

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Give him head, then spit the cum in his eyes.

Dear OP, you aught to have made a really big toothy grin, and said 'sure', through your teeth, then make chomp motions. woulda been a great reply

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Quit bitching OP, make him a sandwich and get on your knees!!! Just kidding,that's horrible lol.

can u make me a sammich and get on your knees? at the same time please..

give him the best blow ever, and make him sorry for leaving you

or pretend like you're going to blow him, then bite his penis, he will regret it too then

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my thoughts exactly!!!! bite off the tip!!!

Agreed no appendage removal allowed!!!! however OP, if you blew him, YDI. In all honesty if you did anything short of clocking him, YDI. Hopefully he's sporting a black eye and all the sperm he can handle, that would make a woman to be proud of!

43, would you really let an upset girl that you just dumped near your penis with her mouth? no, because you would think she'd bite it. OP's ex is an idiot and she should have bitten right before he came.

Don't forget, Chaos, that it does depend on the reasons for the break up and how rude people are about it. I mean, the bf didn't help the situation by asking for head after the break up (granted he would have been equally rude to do it just before) and we don't know the reasons why they broke up. But we seem to be in agreement.

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I have a feeling #43 is missing the tip of his penis

Do it. Bite him halfway through and leave.

Something like that happened to a friend of a friend of mine... in the end, she gave him the *******, but she tore off his foreskin with her teeth as a sort of 'punishment'.

Wow...that would definitely be punishment!

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I thought a friend of a friend meant themselves. God I hope that's not true- Jaws XIV coming soon.

Yea I was going to say it's a great time for some tooth action.

44 if it is like the fml then he deserved it.. breaking up with the girl then having the nerve to ask that question.. hell she should done that and then kicked him in his nuts after..

Actually 100 no i dont bite when I get mad.. but i feel no sympathy for douchebags.. you break up with someone you lose all benefits as well.. but really dude you look like youre 35 and live in your parent basement

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123-I don't know what men you've dated but, biting flesh off someone is disgusting and kicking a man in the balls is only necessary in certain circumstances otherwise, it's childish and weak. Also, when trying to insult someone, please be clever. Telling someone they "look 35 and probably live in their parents basement" is old and seeing as your insults are based solely on assumptions, you fail. Chaos, if you're 35, you age very well. :P

They seem like a real nic... They seem like a ****.

Waow what a Bitch he's tripping but youshoul of just smaked him in the balls and say "Yeah Right Buddy"

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Looks like the perfect opportunity to get in a parting nut slap. So, get on your knees and get ready to work the speed bag on his balls. I predict a first round KO.

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do it do it lol she know she wanted too

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lol at least she was good at it, apparently!