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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me, and gave his little speech, over the phone. He did all this while his ass was firmly planted in a chair in the next room. FML
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you couldn't just walk over there? you sat there and took it didn't you? no lo puedo creer...

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You forgot an "ex" before "boyfriend."(yes, I got it right today) I don't see why you stayed on the line. You should have kicked his ass off that chair.

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I know op you couldn't have walked over to the next room and been like wtf?

I used to be brave, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

You should've went to the next room, stand behind him and said "excuse me" . Once he turned around you should've bitch slap him!

I had a boyfriend who had someone else txt me to say that we were through. So I understand how you feel. Some men just take longer to grow a pair. Until then just view relationships as practice for the real thing.

Is there such thing as a nice break up speech said by a coward who can't even walk into the next room and recite it in person?

Did he pull a peter griffin and pretend he was somewhere else while using the house phone?

I'm confused. Did he walk to the next room and then call you? Who does that?

5 how the **** could this FML possibly confuse you, alas the smart human are a dying race.

"the smart human 'are' a dying race" indeed

My bad accendentaly clicked send, damn iPhones, as I was about to say was, why did you emphasize the 'are' in my statement.

I believe 44 was pointing out that the use of "are" was incorrect in your statement. It's supposed to be "is" since "the smart human" is singular.

He meant because the human needs to be plural to use are in the sentence. But I found it as ironic humor xD Edit: well 63, this is awkward.... I did not see your post xD

I hope you firmly planted your foot up his ass afterwards.

Hope karma gets dickheads like these u know? Strike them with lightning or smth

I don't think OP should wait around for karma.

I think OP should take it upon herself to be sure that "karma" gets him the form of her boot up his ass.

That's usually when you punch him in the face

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"I know baby, but my unwillingness to face you shows how uncommitted I was. Now if you please, go out the window to your left. I don't want my roommate to find out you were here."

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"but please try not to make the car alarm go off"

Oh, and can we have some buttsecks first? C-c-c-combo breaker!

Wait, im confused.. Was this before or after he cried in the fetal position OP?

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Was this the guy she met at the pool while wearing a seethrough swimsuit?

Or maybe he broke up with her because he was embarrassed that he spilled soup all over her.

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Whose house were you at? Chase him out of there.