By Imgonnahaveabf - 05/01/2012 12:06 - United States

Today, my parents got a new dog. It attacks me every time I laugh. FML
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attack it every time it barks

Guess it's the dog who gets the last laugh...


Haha. Guess you can't laugh now.

Thanks for the help captain obvious! We couldn't have done it without you.

Op can laugh when the dog isn't around

Speak for yourself #16 I'm sure most if us would have gotten it regardless and as for you OP, first of all :) I'm sorry about you current predicament. Perhaps you could replace your laugh with the infamous Lol :) ?

I guess the dog has no sense of humor...

If you laugh like the kid from the Simpsons, I can't blame your dog...

New dog needing to be petted and fed... This is no laughing matter...

That's what I do when my dog barks.. keeps the alpha status in your home.

LOL, good on you. Kill the beast! Strike its damned heart!!

MrPhucked, are you not a native English speaker..?

Kick the dog if he attacks you. Then he'll learn you're the boss.

Maybe OPs parents hate his/her laugh :D

Next time it attacks shove your finger up his bum and it will calm down

83- you know from personal experience? I don't wanna try unless it's proven. -.-

I wonder if op laughs like Thurnis Haley.

#84 I wouldn't want to try even if it's proven...

#16 you're a jerk

YDI for laughing!

94- I don't know of anyone that would. :p

84- yeah it works on every type of bitch

attack it every time it barks

What a nice dog :) protecting his/her owners from too much carbon-dioxide from your obnoxious laughs :)

Use it as a science project. P.S. Is the kid that throws paper down girls shirts in your class?


The dog sounds like fucking Hitler.

The dog is a bitch

Did you get it from Michael Vick?

^Thumbed myself down, that even offended me.

I love getting buried. Sometimes I do it on purpose. It's my fetish. :3

116: wow you offended yourself, that's.. well odd

Guess it's the dog who gets the last laugh...

Or every laugh now, for that matter.

I'm guessing for you it's not a laughing matter.

That is one messed up dog

Time to go all Michael Vick on that bitch.

You must have an annoying laugh.

Op's dog "canine get a break without your barking laughter you bitch!"

Yeah! You should get your laughbox replaced or removed (+1 for reference)

That sucks. :( But maybe as it gets to know you more and more and get adjusted to it's new settings it'll stop doing it.

Nope. I'd go with, A. The dog is mean. B. Their laugh sounds like a howler monkey.

Quit laughing at the dog. That's not very nice.

Well that fucking sucks, kill that bitch >:]

8 - Do the world a favor and test the method on yourself first. I suggest arsenic injection.

Establish dominance.

Apparently having sex in front of it works.

Time to get you a muzzle.

"mom, I'm about to laugh go get the muzzle!"

i think he meant get the muzzle for himself so he cant laugh anymore ._. its a joke...?

I think an awesome muzzie would work as well.

25- Yes you are correct.