So generous

By noway - 10/08/2011 17:47 - Singapore

Today, I got into a fight with my boyfriend. The only thing he could think of to cheer me up was to give me "permission" to give him a blowjob. FML
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perdix 29

If he really wanted to make you happy, he'd give you permission to blow a guy with a real-sized dick.

oxemilyxo 5

That sucks. I'm sorry /:


oxemilyxo 5

That sucks. I'm sorry /:

LiveLaughFML 10

he may wear the pants in your relationship, but remember, us females buckle the belt! ;D

it wouldn't suck if she sucked

Pixxio_O 11

At least he didn't rob your house or sniff you every day...

If all matters could but solved by blowjobs there'd be no hate in the world. Hehe

No make up sex? Your relationship is screwed.

oxemilyxo 5

12- haha I'm pretty sure every girl would love to do that when they are upset

yeseniaaa 2

It doesn't suck, because it cheered you up(:

00Lily00 0

I hate hearing about men like this, what assholes

Then you also have permission to dump him.

jinki101 0

fml reference

Dump him find someone who would actually get you ice-cream or tickle you to cheer you up

What an ass of a bf

juicedboi 7

Depends on the tone when he said it. I know that I fuck around like that a lot and to most guys, meaning only me, it's not a big deal. Women over-analyze a lot more than is needed. That being said, I am a dick and I know that. 17- In my world everything is solved like that.

Bite him, BITE HIM! Auto permission to castrate!

neimato1 0

You dont get the sarcasm and hidden humor? "that sucks"? Blowjob? Lmao

he was just trying to cheer her up, no need for people to say bite his penis and slap nitroglycerin on his balls

you can then give him permission to masterbate

Sounds like a logical solution?

116- I recall no one saying anything about nitroglycerin.

hoodasswhitekid 0

39- suck on it.

YourEvilHero 12

ice cream over a blowjob?... sure!

bite his penis off. hahahahahahahaha.

What's wrong with that?

gmc_blossom 21

Why would he "masterbate" when he can masturbate?

konto5 1

How about you, stupid woman, cheer him up?!

konto5 1

@ #106: And that means permission for him to separately rip her 4 lady lips off. Female Genital Cutting for the win!

a_nutritionist 10

@75 not everyone is after a guy who panders to your emotions like a lost puppy. some people want guys who are in a relationship with equal power to both partners. sounds crazy i know, but its actually true. im one of them. @OP you got into a fight with him and hes supposed to cheer you up? ok, if the fight was about how he hooked up with some other girl or something i can understand, but just generally you dont just expect the guy to have to cheer you up after a fight, thats insane.

especially since 9 times out of 10, the girl caused it. that tenth time it was cause the bf cheated or looked at some other girl wrong or got caught watching porn

maz_irken 6

Logical to me.

Well I hope you got right down on your knees...

lopez1222 3


Shes a disobedient one.

daysgoby902 6

how do you know she didn't do it?

do you really just have one ear gauged

I have aswell...

lopez1222 3

It was magnets... I wouldnt get a gauge.

Yung23 0


Seems like a BJ is the only way for redemption :O Personally, I'd say not worth it.

I'd say worth it.BJs make everything better.

kevsnev 7


Worth it! Bj's are nice ;)

a_nutritionist 10

yes 159 we are all impressed because youre a sexually active female. now watch as all the guys pander to you and start sending PM's all fucking night. ...or will that just be me.

What other way to be?

oh hi :) I think im in love

Well at least it's permission? Cant help you out on this one :S

Gotta do what you gotta do, I guess

Hey sweetheart I know what will cheer you up, lock jaw!

Denikk 0

haha what a gentleman

Veedway 0

Well, this is a bit sucky situation.

cmull 0

That's punny