By pinkfreak94 - 13/10/2012 13:38 - United States - Norwalk

Today, I kissed a boy for the first time in over a year. It was at drama club practice, and he quickly ended up asking the director if we could remove that scene from the play. FML
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perdix 29

Don't take it personally. The chances are pretty good that a boy in drama club wouldn't want to kiss any girl. It might help if you grew in your 'stache ;)


Maybe you're not his type. A guy who truly likes you won't act that way. Don't worry you'll find someone who is worth your time :)

it never said that he liked her...It was a scene and obviously the guy didnt enjoy it as much as op did.

I know but it still is the truth. Geeze...haters.

There was nothing in the FML about him liking OP or OP liking him. It was just a scene in a play.

Oh my god... We're not haters because we thumb you down we just disagree with your comment. I don't think people know what the word "hate" means anymore.

Blacksabbath211 9

Nukeacat's pic makes his comment that much more relevant :D

You're just saying that because you're ugly

8, your comment is only half true. Yes, op probably wasn't his type but the guy never liked op that way.

UncleMuscles 5

I agree with 63, he may have a reason for not wanting to, which wouldn't really make this an fml.

Well, maybe the girl just looks like you.

Anyone who uses the term "hater" deserves to be hated.

Courtz... You know... You are full of shit

What I find hilarious is that 116 people thumbed dowb your initial comment and exactly 116 people thumbed down your second comment too!! lol

Okay people I get what y'all are all saying. I just interpreted it the wrong way. I'll admit it I'm not always the smartest cookie in the jar but hey, I own up to that, and I'm just saying.

etoilenuit 15

Hahaha it's just funny how many people over reacted to your comment. Calm down people. Courtz was just trying to cheer up OP. Your misinterpreting Courtz' comment is worst than him/her misinterpreting OP.

etoilenuit 15

Of course he had a reason. That's not the point. The problem he didn't have a reason to WANT to do the scene.

-1 I wouldn't say that... If I were acting in a play I honestly would be extremely nervous to kiss a girl in front of an entire theater.

It's been said already but please learn exactly what the word "hate" means. Also, why you are at it, learn the facts of the FML before making a comment like that.

enormouselephant 15

Why do people have to ruin a good joke? :/

Well... Practice kissing better and I'm sure he will lighten up ;)

alot of times stage kisses are reall kisses dumbass. that was the whole point

How can she practice kissing better when she hadn't kissed anyone for over a year?

perdix 29

Don't take it personally. The chances are pretty good that a boy in drama club wouldn't want to kiss any girl. It might help if you grew in your 'stache ;)

How do you know it was a girl? It was drama club after all. The poster also did not provide a gender. The boy they mentioned could've been uncomfortable with the homosexual aspect of it.

alibearnichole 0

Smh...not all guys in drama club are gay, get over these stereotypes please

You know he's being incredibly sarcastic right?

perdix 29

#33, I didn't say "all" and was careful to say that "chances are pretty good" to allow for exceptions.

I love how the majority of fml can't handle the incredibly high level of sarcasm perdix uses.

PleaseStayChill 9

Perdix uses sarcasm?!... Hadn't even noticed.

Nobody said anybody was gay. God forbid a man play a woman in show business... unheard of right?

65 - Since sarcasm is apparently not allowed in Perdix's threads, I feel the need to inform you that throughout history, men have almost always played the female characters in plays.

starburst7596 14

My school's theatre guys get more action than the football players. Of course that's because our football team hasn't one a game in years.

Dang. I think that guys that act are hot. I sure hope they're not all gay.

Gay people are here to make the world more fabulous. Like me!

89 are you on the team too? Because the past tense of win is won, not one.

WhyCantIDoRight 5

What's with all the hate on gays? Some of the kindest people I've met were gay.

perdix 29

#110, my comment had absolutely no hate in it. Pointing out that the boy did not want to kiss a girl simply reflects his nature without any kind of judgment of whether that was right, natural, etc. Try not to find hate where it doesn't exist.

lebronesque73091 12

If he wasn't feeling it, don't sweat it.

loserboii 11

Ask if you can remove him from the play.

24 - No need to comment your agreement. Just thumbs him up and move on.

Oh. My bad .I thought this was AMURICA!! (Yes I know FML is international)

Did they keep the scene when OP sucks his dick?

40- No need to point that out, dislike and move on.

That is annoying but it could well be that he was just embarrassed at kissing someone. Maybe he is worried what you think of him. Don't worry, I am sure your kissing is fine :)

Are you guys in fifth grade, or something? WTF???

I'd be concerned if there was a play where 5th graders kiss.

41- why? Because this would encourage promiscuity?

41, You missed the point. 5th graders, not high school students, fear cooties. Also, what's wrong with a fifth grade play with a kiss scene? It's just a kiss. I doubt the director would have them making out. Don't be such a puritan.