By Miramichi - 30/05/2011 12:18 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend admitted that he pees on the toilet seat just to piss me off. FML
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how about you shit In his bed?

how about you slap the **** out of him? it's completely nasty

missL1z 5

They might share the same bed?

well, it sounds like he was successful.

take a pill that gives you diarrhea and take a crap on his back car seat! ;)

stfuitscindeeeh9 3

don't clean it, see if he keeps using it.

mattmadden 0

Yea wait until he has to take a shit. Then he'll have to clean it.

put his foot in the warm water web. he is sleeping :D he will sure wet himself

Buy disinfectant wipes to wipe the seat before you use the restroom. I'd think of something that annoys him to get him back, too...but nothing like some off the suggestions I've seen that involve poop, lol! Just do something equally as irritating, like leaving clothes on the floor, or leaving only enough juice or milk in the container for one swallow in the fridge, haha!

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piss on him while hes sleeping, then shit in his food.

leave tampons or sanitary pads lying around (used or clean he will still hate it, I suggest clean for your sake)

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it's better to be pissed off than pissed on

bengermin 5

Make him wear diapers, lol.

suck it up. get a tissue. it ain't that bad

tht is sick! and pee doesn't look like lemonade it looks more like apple juice. but tht is still sick!

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Make him an Alabama hot-pocket

rallets 22

Look at the bright side OP, if you ever happen to have a Jellyfish sting on your ass all you have to do is take a shit.

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I love it how your picture is so cute and fluffy yet you come up with a great revenge plan.

stop complaining and get to work. its your job

theten_fml 9

don't do what 98 said. didn't you see what happened on jersey shore?!

if your pee is looking like apple juice then you are dehydrated ! ah!

Is it only me that noticed the pun in this FML? Great job OP!

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it's people like you who make the world a bad place. go jump off a cliff

Very...."creative" ideas. all of the replies Im getting has to do with shit lol

Technically, you could say that his pissing was making her come off of the toilet seat, so he was pissing her off and pissing her off of the seat.

Glue up the toilet seat so it won't come off.

haha good idea!!  if my boyfriend ever does anything like this i wont wash it 

i thought that was your grandparents !

Bleed on the seat the next time you have your period.

Bleed on the seat the next time you have your period.

I totally noticed that!That's just great, OP.

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go 2 kids 1 sandbox on his ****

I swear that my brother does the same thing!

I agree, I hate when my brother does that

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I'm pretty sure I can say this for almost every man, but out goals usually involve pissing woman off. well that's my goal at least. if I piss on the seat I leave it just to piss my mom or sister off.

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Its better to be pissed off than pissed on ;)

yeah I think brt is eight I think all men just wanna live life to irritate women to there maximum breaking point. I would know I got a TWIN brother... I can't even count how many times I've wished I was an only child

He's eight? Very smartass eight year old, if you ask me. 

iAmScrubs 19

Remove the toilet and install it in a place that only you know where it is. See how he likes that.

1. how the **** would she do that unnoticed ? 2. WTF is wrong with someone when they think of this comment? 3. just WTF

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seriously? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't care..............

iAmScrubs 19

Milky253- sorry officer, I didn't know it was illegal to have an imagination.

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u can buy easy to remove toilet seats

I like this idea. they're just haters

I wipe away tears in rejoice for this magnificent display of trolling. Trollface would be proud.

He'd probably just start peeing on the floor where the toilet used to be. I say she pisses in his shoes one morning.

pun related to your story involving the word piss

lilmisslovely13 15

that was lame. Just.... lame.

the first thing i noticed was the pun

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Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't dump my boyfriend for having a sense of humour. Just saying.

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Really? How could you tell?!

My astonishing detective skills are paying off.

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Put Saran wrap between the toilet and the seat...

Which would achieve what? More mess for OP to clean up..