By Michelle - 17/10/2013 11:51 - Australia - Richmond

Today, my boyfriend told me that I have the bad habit of not doing the dishes before he has his daily piss in the sink. FML
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What the fork is wrong with him? You can't let him bowl you over and sponge off you forever, not when he's such a disgusting pig.

Put some dishes in the toilet. Baby steps, OP.


What the fork is wrong with him? You can't let him bowl you over and sponge off you forever, not when he's such a disgusting pig.

Too spoon, Doc. It's not bad enough for a mugshot. She just needs to house train him again.

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Dishing out the puns early, I see.

I agree with Doc; he needs to go. My husband has washed one pan in the last year and hasn't done laundry at all, but if he started telling me when to do my chores or how we'd have a serious issue. If he'd done so when we were dating we wouldn't have married. Peeing in the sink would yield the same results.

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Tell him to get off his glass and help out!! Just because you wash something off with a liquid doesn't mean it's clean!! What a scrub!!

Op, you and your husband need to sit down and pan this whole thing out. You both really need to contemPLATE this one

Knife try, guys. I think most of you need to go take a nap...kin. Sounds like some terrible soap opera.

Who the **** pisses in a kitchen sink anyway? I mean, maybe in a desperate emergency, but **** if someone did it in my kitchen sink I'd bleach the **** out of it.

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Umm that's not what a sink is for! Bleach everything and throw the disgusting dude out

That son of a dish! You really need to wash out for these things in the future. See you spoon, best washes!

Then perhaps he should be the one doing the dishes in the future.

The problem may need a slightly bigger solution than that.

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I think the issue is pissing in the sink, not really doing the dishes

My question is how has this not come to light sooner? urine has a very strong particular smell. Would you not notice it while you were washing your dishes?

Put some dishes in the toilet. Baby steps, OP.

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baby steps we all do it at some point

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No shit. Well hopefully no shit

If you shat in the sink, be sure to use the garbage disposal while running water to "flush"

Generally something like this is followed up by "Straya mate" kind of like murica I guess.

I pee in a drain too, but then I get arrested for public indecency.

I bet you were pissed off. Oh well, better than being pissed on. the dishes

OP wasn't too mad, because at least her boyfriend doesn't leave the seat up.

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Shit. Did you mean shit. I think you implied feces

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What the... clearly he hasn't been trained properly. Leave saucers in the bathtub and finally silver spoons in the toilet lure him in.

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But then, who would retrieve the dishes that he has peed on..?

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Can't believe these kind of stupid people exist. Jesus. That's just wrong.

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Why you gotta bring my hispanic uncle Jesus into this.

Because of Juanita's emergency surgery.

How ******* hard is it to walk the short distance to the toilet!? I mean really!? OP, next time attach a car battery to the sink to teach your unsanitary boyfriend a lesson.