By whatchagonnado - 24/03/2013 07:35 - Canada - Victoria

Today, while at my boyfriend's house, I needed to use the bathroom. I decided to be a good girlfriend and leave the seat up for him. He later yelled at me for not putting the seat down because he needed to take a dump. FML
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Tigerblossom 19

Just think of what would happen if you made a sandwich for him without him asking for one....


Sure you can. You rip off the toilet seat, raise it above your head, scream in victory, and then nail it to the wall above your bed as a trophy so that you will always be reminded of your triumph. You won...

wlddog 14

Or!!! Or!!!! You put cling-wrap over the toilet and put the seat down. That always gives the right image to those you love.

mrperspire 4

Some guys are just little girls. You are not in the wrong here.

While I recognize the intentions were good, leaving the seat down is far more appropriate and mannerlyz

A true saiyan always sprinkles when he tinkles.

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A sayijan is someone who's haircolor varies according to their current mood, most notabely reacting to anger, and someone who can move faster than the speed of sound, yet needs roughly 2-3 episodes to launch a single attack. Naturally and consequently, they are the strongest beings in the universe.

TorisaurusRexxx 10

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CallMeMcFeelii 13

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One does not simply call the Dragonball series a "stupid ass asian cartoon"... That is unless one supports this statement with solid arguments, such as the horrible pacing, complete lack of logical reasoning and horrible localisation. (Even still, it was such an awesome show to grow up with.)

not everyone everywhere grew up with the same childhood tv-showes, you wouldn't know who Klængur Sniðugi or Völundur were and that's ok. That being said I only knew what Dragonball was from the internet ( even though I have no idea what the charters are called)

super-sayan* C'mon… I don't even like the show, but I know the right terms!

I'm just waiting for someone to shout Kamayamaya, but take about 20 comments to get the whole word out.

lofty1012 3

86- it's spelt kamehameha...and that one only takes a few seconds. If you want to talk about long attacks think of spirit bombs...

RpiesSPIES 27

#98 The Father-Son Kamehameha took much longer than the others, though.

Tigerblossom 19

Just think of what would happen if you made a sandwich for him without him asking for one....

I'd be happy to take it.. Why let a sandwhich go to waste.

He would be ecstatic... That's one of a mans best surprises... Unless you do something else first, then surprise him with a sandwich ;) = heaven

And if he were how women are described in most stereotypes, he'd be all like: "You never make any sandwiches for me... why now? OH MY GOD, are you cheating on me? Is that why you made me a sandwich!?"

Little 16 year old cannot justify the mechanics of a sandwich with in the relationship aspect. Grow up

Tigerblossom 19

I was just making a joke. And don't you have something better to do than pick on a little 16 year old?

What does that even mean 57? I'm totally floored by how much sense your comment does not make.

Ultimate_No 7

Just put the seat down. Haven't you learned anything from South Park?

One reason that girls get upset about the toilet seat being up is, not only will our asses fall in causing our booties will touch toilet water but also many guy sprinkle their pee all along the rim and now our butt checks and thighs will be covered in your piss! Yeah, not fun!

At least you care enough about him to do such thing in the first place.

That shit kills people, you can get your insides sucked right out. Haven't you seen South Park?

That episode was just flat out weird. Even for South Park standards.

klovemachine 24

Why is he so mad? It doesn't take much effort to put the seat down.

Tell that to girls who bitch about us leaving it up..

TxCountryBeauty 10

We bitch more because its gross n unsanitary. I don't want to look at it whenever I live with a guy toilet cleaning is his job.

It also doesn't take much effort to learn to aim properly! My guy has no problems and if he does he cleans it up. I never see the seat up.

The bathroom war is one that neither gender will ever win. Not your fault OP.

It seems he needs the seat down as he has a p*ssy aswell...