By anti-peecleaner - 22/11/2010 22:35 - United States

Today, my boyfriend walked out of the bathroom, informed me he'd accidentally peed on the floor, and told me I could clean it up when I get a chance. FML
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dump him...

Disgusting, I'd dump someone that nasty. He's basically a toddler. You'll probably always be cleaning up after him...


dump him...

I'm going to have to agree if your going to date someone who is that much of a douche then ydi

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Call me ; 0

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ok well if he really "Couldn't help it" He could clean it up since he made the mess. not expect the OP to do it like she's his maid

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what else is woman good for?


48, I hope your not serious. if you are, refer to 106 for an explanation of why your comment is dumb

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haha. just back hand his lazy ass.

thats just gross..ur BF is a lazy ass!

OP's words were (hopefully): "Uhhm, bitch, you can clean it up yourself."

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did u do it??

Disgusting, I'd dump someone that nasty. He's basically a toddler. You'll probably always be cleaning up after him...

Dump him.. or piss, him.. in this context. Tell him to clean up after himself.

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Am I the only one that has noticed that whenever theres an FML written by a woman about her boyfriend, the majority of the women FMLers always say "Dump him!"?

35 a majority of relationship fmls are by women with douchy boyfriends so it's to be expected

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There's lots of guys saying dump him too. OP, I hope you told him to go frag himself.

I don't. I'm usually on the guys' side. I spent many years as a cop. Large majority of domestic problems were caused/instigated BY the FEMALE. And ladies, I don't apologize for stating facts.

Douche! Tell him to shove it...

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Or wipe it, in this case.

Soak it up with a towel, and then put it in his drink.

That's what I'd do too. Dump his sorry ass.

tell him slavory is over..

you spelled slavery wrong....

My name is Athena but I'm not Greek. People call me greek goddess a lot:)

That's nasty, don't clean that shit, make him do it, he's a big boy, and how the hell does he manage to miss the toilet? have fun taken care of your baby of a beef, id make him lick it up

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go ducks!

shy on his side of the bed and te him he can clean it up when je gets a chance :)

Yeah, just shy all over everything..

Dats da shy.

that's bullshy..

I can hear his accent through his spelling. HOT! well worth the errors;)

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