By Anonymous - 07/06/2016 07:45

Today, my boyfriend called me into the bathroom and proudly showed me how far back he could stand from the toilet while he peed. Unfortunately, he got distracted and peed all over the floor I had mopped just an hour before. FML
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That's when you ask him how fast he thinks he can mop a floor.


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it's not milk, but I wouldn't blame you if you cried.

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Hey, at least OP knows he'll never be boring. It's a shame that you think everyone has to be serious nonstop. There's always room to joke around in a relationship, as long as it's not a constant thing. If OP's boyfriend is never serious, that's an issue, but screwing around shows that if they're still together as an older couple, he'll still be able to goof around and bring a smile to OP.

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#2. Certainly sounds like a 5 year old to me also.

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hand your bf the mop. it's his mess. he can clean it up... also... this kinda hints that he has likely peed on the floor at least once before. how else would he know how far he can stand back and still aim into the toilet. your bf needs a hobby, man...

That's when you ask him how fast he thinks he can mop a floor.

He is marking his territory! You will now have to pee in other rooms of the house, or it will be his from now on

It is NOT sterile. As it leaves your body, it has no bacteria in it that isn't already in your body, but it is FAR from sterile.

I blame House for this perpetuated misinformation.

If I were you, he would be sleeping in the bathroom