By TooShortToCleanThat - 20/03/2015 03:22 - United States

Today, my boyfriend decided to show off one of his favorite skills: Peeing on my ceiling. FML
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You're dating a manchild. Give him a bucket and cloth and tell him to clean it up.


CallMeWindSock 24

You're telling me this is not normal?!?!?

CurlyQute 17

I think #2 just got carried away about being the first to do something, with no actual consideration for the OP. Pathetic really haha

well I just learned I could thumb myself down lol

also you can say both YDI and YLS, just did it to be first, but not how I feel. I'm sorry I pissed you guys off.

I'm more curious how he does this shite?

I'm even more curious to know how many times he's done this for it to be his favourite skill.

Now I'm curious as to how he shites!! I joke. If he can shit on the ceiling then he's defying gravity and needs to be studied.

You're dating a manchild. Give him a bucket and cloth and tell him to clean it up.

being a manchild is fun. if someone I am dating can't accept my childish moments like blowing stuff up then I can't be with them

JMichael 25

There's a time and place for being a manchild. This is not one of those.

#40 There's a difference between having a childish moment and being disgusting enough to pee on the ceiling.

For whatever reason this FML and comment reminds me of Daddy Day Care, because the one kid pees all over the walls and ceiling.

Not even man child's are that bad, that's some monkey ass shit, speaking of shit keep it away from him he'll probably end up throwing it

i don't know what kind of lives you all have lived but if you can't act like a child in any situation no matter who you are near then you are doing adulthood wrong

gemstone586 12

as has been stated, there's acceptable child like and then there's completely unacceptable on all levels....

I am just saying why force yourself to act mature? g humans are animals so I say why not act like one and accept those who do

Would you pee over someone else's ceiling just for fun? Because that's not acting silly and goofy it's plain disgusting, OP has to live there and that man is a pig. We have toilets for our benefit not to take away our animal side omfg ?

that is why I pee outside with my dog. and also toilets are disgusting no matter how clean they appear to be.

plus humans were not meant to stay stationery.

#99 that is different peeing on the ceiling is not the same as peeing outside. Peeing on the ceiling is just plain messed up. How would you like it if your girlfriend or boyfriend (I don't judge) passed on your ceiling? It's not childish just plain nasty.

Seems like a skill best reserved for people you hate...I just don't understand the motivation. I think you're boyfriend is a moron. Make his sorry ass clean it up. And then kick him in the nuts for being a tard.

Hey! She said she said she wanted a golden shower. He practiced, and can do it now, FOR HER. She can't complain when he does exactly what she trained him to do.

Aww. Autocorrect nailed me. I might be a moron too, but at least I'm not the pee-on-ceiling type.

I remember when my brother did that... he was 5... what a winner the bf is!

Wha-? Why...? What the hell made him think that was a good idea?