By Anonymous - 24/08/2011 08:03 - United States

Today, my aunt and uncle stole $584 from me, since I'm moving out. Their reasoning? I stole things. When I asked what I'd stolen, my aunt looked me straight in the eye and said "Milk Duds." FML
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The ****? How dare you steal their milk duds!


katsteak 0

Milk duds are expensive what are you talking about??

D37H100 5

So you stole $584 worth of milk duds? o.o

Jaimegirl 7

That's like 200 packages of Milk Duds worth haha (depending on size and where you buy them) You must be a milk duds fanatic!

Maybe if you stole a milkbud an hour, then after a few weeks you'd owe $584

mr_torch91 1

Milk duds are delicious. I don't blame them.

to get $584 it must be more than milk duds that were stolen... surely O_o.

xoconnie 8

thats ALOT of milkduds dude!!!!!

Well, we don't know how long the OP stayed with his/her aunt and uncle before deciding to move, so $584 worth might be plausible given time, though that is kind of specific, did the keep a running inventory or something?

superangryandy 2

39- they're called Milk Duds. Not milkbuds.

"Aunt" you going to take it back?

IronMaiden45 0
TheRealHouse 7

That actually kind of hurt a little bit. Apologize

Pabs24 0

That was so stupid, it made me laugh. Next time, stfu

He deserves one my special Patented Furballs of STFU

I don't get it...please explain. Yes I know I'm stupid

Denikk 0

Wow that's a whole new level of failing...

Iamaninchworm 0

Rofl at the fail I thought it was from something, but then i realized he was actually making the worst pun joke I've ever heard...

For_Real_Deal 0

Honestly all I can say is.... Wtf?!

OP is Hiding the fact that they stole 300 boxes of milk duds which was equivalent to over $500 value

Buttsexpirate 9

Man you must've stolen the ******* chocolate river of milk duds for it to cost that much!

NoahStaz 3

laugh... Sorry IPod fell on my face and my nose clicked send...

I wish I could like this more than once xD nose clicked send xD oh dear :'3 that's quite funny

GoodLookingGeese 10

Your family have high prices, let's hope it was worth it ;)

QueenQuay77 10

milk duds!! really??? wow, they are very petty

orangeduck 6

Owling??? Really?!?!? That's very stupid.

QueenQuay77 10

they cudve at least came up wit a different excuse. cuz this one sounds crazy

saIty 17

Dude you stole $584 worth of milk duds? You might be on his hit list. Better be careful.

duckman9 55

they were probably stolen during a long interval of time.. so it was not only the debt, but also interest rates. They are absolutely horrible for milk duds!