By Anonymous - 24/08/2011 08:03 - United States

Today, my aunt and uncle stole $584 from me, since I'm moving out. Their reasoning? I stole things. When I asked what I'd stolen, my aunt looked me straight in the eye and said "Milk Duds." FML
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The fuck? How dare you steal their milk duds!

What a lovely family...


What a lovely family...

Milk duds are expensive what are you talking about??

So you stole $584 worth of milk duds? o.o

That's like 200 packages of Milk Duds worth haha (depending on size and where you buy them) You must be a milk duds fanatic!

Kind of like the family in your picture

Maybe if you stole a milkbud an hour, then after a few weeks you'd owe $584

Quite a specific amount there.

Milk duds are delicious. I don't blame them.

to get $584 it must be more than milk duds that were stolen... surely O_o.

thats ALOT of milkduds dude!!!!!

Well, we don't know how long the OP stayed with his/her aunt and uncle before deciding to move, so $584 worth might be plausible given time, though that is kind of specific, did the keep a running inventory or something?

fuckin americans... whats a milk dud.

milk duds are ass juice

39- they're called Milk Duds. Not milkbuds.

"Aunt" you going to take it back?

That's horrible.

No. Just.... no.

That is unacceptable

That actually kind of hurt a little bit. Apologize

Wow. That was gay

That was so stupid, it made me laugh. Next time, stfu

He deserves one my special Patented Furballs of STFU

ha look at all the hate comments

You must be new here

I don't get it...please explain. Yes I know I'm stupid

Wow that's a whole new level of failing...

Rofl at the fail I thought it was from something, but then i realized he was actually making the worst pun joke I've ever heard...

The fuck? How dare you steal their milk duds!

Seriously, how do you steal milkduds?

By hiding them in your stomach

the aunt and uncle sound like the duds

82, I believe you meant "studs."

Honestly all I can say is.... Wtf?!

This is why you never move to bel-air

OP is Hiding the fact that they stole 300 boxes of milk duds which was equivalent to over $500 value

haha Milk duds serious buisness

Man you must've stolen the fucking chocolate river of milk duds for it to cost that much!

You made me

laugh... Sorry IPod fell on my face and my nose clicked send...

I wish I could like this more than once xD nose clicked send xD oh dear :'3 that's quite funny

Your family have high prices, let's hope it was worth it ;)

milk duds!! really??? wow, they are very petty

Owling??? Really?!?!? That's very stupid.

they cudve at least came up wit a different excuse. cuz this one sounds crazy

You sound crazy.

Dude you stole $584 worth of milk duds? You might be on his hit list. Better be careful.

they were probably stolen during a long interval of time.. so it was not only the debt, but also interest rates. They are absolutely horrible for milk duds!