By Gina - 02/04/2010 11:33 - Thailand

Today, I was in the shops and the lights all of a sudden went out. I got really scared for no reason because it was pitch black and grabbed onto my mum's hand. When the light's got turned on I was holding on to a random guy's hand. FML
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was he cute? if so, not a fml but if not FYL


Where's the FML? The OP will probably never see the guy again.

that's not a big deal unless his hand was all gross or something...but seriously it's only an fml if it's sum dude from ur school or something

Way to go slick!!! (:

Pedo Bear-Because it wasn't a faulty circuit that turned those lights off

it's cool, I had that happen, only the lights didn't go out and I wasn't reaching for my mum...........

yea like 18 this isn't an fml. it's not like he said ew don't touch me or its always the ugly ones that get scared.

what head? top or bottom head?

ehh my bad I read head lol

smoooooth. I must congratulate you on that one.

how can u confuse a woman's hand with a man??

op, how old ru 10?

41- psh, who doesn't like women with hairy arms? your mom is very stylish

ya ur mom must be very manly

Lol that's not so embarrassing. When I was 8, I was at a public pool, that would every so often turn into a whirpool. I hated the waves so I'd try to get out fast but one time I was too far out when the waves started so I started freaking out went under the water and accidently grabbed some random guys swim trunks pulling them down and showing his ass. Lmao was hilarious, I got out of the pool safe though. -.-

for no reason because it was pitch black? make up your mind. either it was for no reason or it was because it was pitch black....

Sounds like a win to me not a fail op and i like your methods #62 ...wait not really

You're so funny #1. :D

in Soviet Russia, light turns you off!

^^^ in your house, lights turns YOU on :}

lol her mommy must be one hairy bitch

Man hands? Or the guy had girly hands.

Damn 88. That joke is turning me off.

True love is is are old guys..weird.

u were In a blacked out shop and didn't steal? lol I jkjkjk

if he was hot I dont see the problem

was he cute? if so, not a fml but if not FYL

What are the shops? Is it like a mall? I seriosly don't know.

probably. maybe just stores.

in America it's called a mall

By the sounds of it, yeah; "For no reason, because it was pitch black" - that sounds like a reason to me - wimpish, yes, but a reason nonetheless.

wow that's awesome


yes, that's obviously the most logical thing to do in this situation. lol

That doesn't sound like an FML. That sounds like a porn plot waiting to happen :]

Ajjas013 6

Yeah I mistake other people for my mom even though they don't look anything like her. Granted none of them were guys but hey, it happens. Tara's the director. ACTION!

FML: The place for budding pornography directors.

Totally. But if anyone gets cum on the camera lenses, they're FIRED.

Your weird level is at 3.

let's have an orgy

Well Damn, Mermaid. How close is the camera if it's getting cum on it? I don't know if the camera should be one of the sex props...

awkward ... fyl an ydi for being scared

Man's hand vs womans hand. You should know immediately. hair, size, softness... YDI

12, maybe the mum's hand changes in the dark, and op knows this, if you get my drift...

They ARE in Thailand.

This could be the start of something beautiful! ...haha Naw I'm playing. fyl.