By gonebabygone - United States
Today, I discovered that my parents rooted through our house looking for junk to sell at a garage sale. They sold all of my books from my bookshelf. When I freaked, out my mom said 'well you never read them'. There was about $300 hidden between the pages of those books. They made $60. FML
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By  e11ie  |  0

How could someone possibly deserve this? Despite your opinion on how to store your money, her mother had no right to root through a house that didn't belong to her and take items without permission. File a police report for burglary. This is flat out theft.

  Ligerie  |  0

I think OP must be pretty young, so this is probably birthday money they hid from a sibling. Not old enough to have an account and most likely doesn't get large sums of money often enough for a safe.

  tikimuppet  |  11

@ alex_vik i've been using the internet since i was about 4 or 5....

i say that if the OP is old enough to have that much money, they should have had the sense to put it in a better place and their parents wouldn't randomly look through their room for things to sell

  mommy2cassidy  |  18

Parents feel entitled to their kids bank accounts anyways so it wouldn't be safe in the bank either. Other people on here justify it because they paid money for them growing up. My parents encouraged me to save and never touched my account even though they did spend money on me and they respected my belongings.

By  danz123  |  7

hahahahaha, why would you keep money between books? i mean, ok it's not a too bad place to keep it if you don't read them, but still, you should've kept the money in a bank account, safe, or whatever.

next time, how about taking the money out of the books before a garage sale happens for unwanted stuff, aka your books.

  gummibehrs  |  4

You're an idiot. Who goes into someone's room, takes books off your shelves, and sells them without asking?

Please commit suicide next time you speak without thinking.


If you're under 18, you can't open your own checking account. The most you can do is have a savings account that you can't do anything but deposit into until you're 18. When I was under 18, I put some of the money I earned into a savings account, and then kept what I wanted for spending money inside a book. It's not that uncommon.

  ScaryyMary  |  14

Actually, I've had a bank account since I was about 12 or 13. My mom signed me up for this special thing at her bank where teenagers/pre-teens can have a checking/savings account along with a debit card/checkbook and all that. Then, when you turn 18, it turns into a regular account. I don't know if all banks do that or if it's just mine, but it's not impossible. I also have a ton of friends who have checking accounts that they use to shop online, so it's not entirely impossible in the USA.

Just so you don't get the wrong impression ^_^

  time4coffee  |  3

If you actually read the books, I would feel for you(this comes from an avid reader) but crying because the books are where your money. YDI next time find a better place to hide your money. What'd you do, put a 5 in each book? Sounds really dumb

  LemonFairy  |  0

I was thinking the same thing, actually. When I read the first part I went "I would kill my mom if she sold my books" but when I saw the reason behind the FML I was like "...well that sucks, I guess, but..." (My little brother almost sold my '55 copy of Lord of the Rings. Thank God I stopped him...)


how is loosing $300 of your money n your parents gettin $60 a gain?!
really now? that money could of gone to college or something that the O.P. really wanted or maybe needed.
you should tell your parents they owe you that money back!!!

  theexodus  |  0

she might be too young to open up a checking account. I started working at 15 and couldn't open up a bank account until I turned 17. Also, wallet, really? Who carries around 300 bucks? How about a sign that says, "Rob me!" too?

By  Sopsy_fml  |  0

YDI really for hiding money in your books, but FYL for your parents selling it all without your permission, what if they were to sell something that was really special to you?