By Marty - 24/08/2011 17:14 - United States

Today, I've gotten the most calls of my life. Turns out the idiot who changed the sign on my local Pizza Hut put up the wrong phone number. My phone number. I've already received 16 calls. FML
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ilikeemsmall 4

Maybe you should start making pizza and sell it.

Act like your some kid who works there and take peoples orders. just never do anything so they go to the pizza place and complane.


ilikeemsmall 4

Maybe you should start making pizza and sell it.

Just play along and when they give you their credit card # for the pizzas buy a kayak.

sxe_beast 11

I would just buy a bunch of frozen pizzas and deliver those XD! haha.

enonymous 8

18 aren't you selling a "YouTube" channel you should use this marketing campaign

xDefendPopPunkx 14

Today, I saw a sign saying my local pizza hut had a new website. When I went there it took me to some Canadian chick's Youtube page. When I tried to call them instead, I got some guy in his apartment. Now how am I supposed to order my pizza? FML

yamatelle 19

"Pizza Hut how may I help you? How do you like your crust stuffed ma'am? I suggest hand tossed it's my favorite, plus it's soft and chewy, just like our breadsticks. Are you a meat lover? You like it small, medium, or large? The small is about 6 inch, medium is is 9 inch, and the large is about a foot long. Would you like some dressing with that? Our special is white, slightly slimy, and salty. It's called Bavarian Creme. Would you like a whole cut in the middle? Yes, we do deliver late. Your total will be $32.99 and that doesn't include delivery charges or any other services after that. Thanks and have a lovely evening!"

LiveLaughFML 10

only if you owned a fast food restaurant. "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the good burgers, can I take your ordahh?" :D

everybodyluvsMEN 0

47- Somebody's been watching The 90s are all that on teen nick! :D

eminemchick 19

LmaoXD or you could advertise as Mondo Burger :)

needleinmypants_fml 3

Is this pizza hut? NO this is Patrick!

enonymous 8

37 I called it too and got the YouTube channel... No sign of pizza but man Her pen is' huge!!

Ahh, i see you've been to Pen Island too?

bootiehole 3
rjdr 7

How many people actually get the number off the pizza hut sign rather than googling it?

Hah. The other day I called a Chinese food place and a man answered with the name of the restaurant, let me order and then decided to tell me I had the wrong number! But that does suck, it'll probably take a while for the calls to stop even after they take the number down.

prince122 0

if that ever happened to me I would totally go ownage prank calls on that shit. "hello, is this pizza hut" "duh yes can I take your order bic boi"........."would you like the bic **** with that?"

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Get the joke, 145. It's a classic Spongebob line. Anyways, OP, use this to your advantage. I don't know how you should, since you and I probably don't think the same things. I'm sure that there is a little ray of goodness in this situation. But don't buy a kayak like one guy said. Who the hell does that?

theten_fml 9

I saw this fml on here before. It was about pizza as well

xoconnie 8

16 calls is the most u ever got in one day.......sad...... lol jkjk

Well im sorry i've never seen a whole episode of spongebob...

HowAreYouToday 34

Yes. Geniuses are over there. You're not one of them.

You ******* gotta be kidding me. For someone with a Are you serious!? Meme face as their pic...

OP's face must resemble my picture closely, as FML's are published several days after they are submitted.

No, that's stupid. OP would have to notify all his contacts for one mistake he didn't make.

It's probably not a cell, if it's a local pizza hut, they're obviously both local numbers. Which would make Op's number a landline. Just saying.

Read it wrong, but you obviously need to do something different with your hair.

jallred254 4

I like his hair! Go suck a dick!

ibedestinie 0

what's wrong with 48's hair?!

ibedestinie 0

what's wrong with 48's hair?!

just go to the pizza hut and tell them to take it down..

lorenzoman77 7

Sorry to state the obvious op but that guy's a douche..

108 - It was most likely an accident. Don't jump to the douche-calling just yet.

lorenzoman77 7

Oh my 136 no need to get hostile... Haha jk

leadman1989 15

So that'll be one large sausage pizza with extra **** on the side? Oh no extra charge. ;) I'd be pissed.

this happened to a guy when a local bar posted his phone number instead of theirs on their website. they didn't care and refused to take his number down.

lolololer 8

he isn't getting any pizza, he's getting tons of calls ordering pizzas...

crazychick1269 7

You could always be someone's fantasy. The pizza delivery boy

Act like your some kid who works there and take peoples orders. just never do anything so they go to the pizza place and complane.

That's funny. But that would piss me off so much, just waiting and waiting

FMS23 0

Or instead of that he can deliver the pizzas and charge extra? Say like the pizza costs 15$ he charges them 20-25$ and say it costs extra to deliver lol.

I was going to say this comment, the early bird gets the worm, eh.

The early bird gets the worm, but the late mouse gets the cheese.

I'm sorry... I can't resist! Complain*...

OP could do that, but most people would call the place to complain, resulting in more unwanted phone calls.

Keep it. Than the pizza joint won't get any take out people and they'll piss off a lot of people.