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Today, I saw a sign saying my local pizza hut had a new website. When I went there it took me to some Canadian chick's Youtube page. When I tried to call them instead, I got some guy in his apartment. Now how am I supposed to order my pizza? FML

  yamatelle  |  19

"Pizza Hut how may I help you? How do you like your crust stuffed ma'am? I suggest hand tossed it's my favorite, plus it's soft and chewy, just like our breadsticks. Are you a meat lover? You like it small, medium, or large? The small is about 6 inch, medium is is 9 inch, and the large is about a foot long. Would you like some dressing with that? Our special is white, slightly slimy, and salty. It's called Bavarian Creme. Would you like a whole cut in the middle? Yes, we do deliver late. Your total will be $32.99 and that doesn't include delivery charges or any other services after that.
Thanks and have a lovely evening!"

  rjdr  |  7

How many people actually get the number off the pizza hut sign rather than googling it?


Hah. The other day I called a Chinese food place and a man answered with the name of the restaurant, let me order and then decided to tell me I had the wrong number!
But that does suck, it'll probably take a while for the calls to stop even after they take the number down.

  prince122  |  0

if that ever happened to me I would totally go ownage prank calls on that shit. "hello, is this pizza hut" "duh yes can I take your order bic boi"........."would you like the bic cock with that?"

  Sunny_Eclipse  |  6

Get the joke, 145. It's a classic Spongebob line.
Anyways, OP, use this to your advantage. I don't know how you should, since you and I probably don't think the same things. I'm sure that there is a little ray of goodness in this situation. But don't buy a kayak like one guy said. Who the hell does that?

  ErocX85  |  0

this happened to a guy when a local bar posted his phone number instead of theirs on their website. they didn't care and refused to take his number down.

  FMS23  |  0

Or instead of that he can deliver the pizzas and charge extra? Say like the pizza costs 15$ he charges them 20-25$ and say it costs extra to deliver lol.