By Anonymous - 24/08/2011 06:34 - Canada

Today, I was chased on my bike by a couple of guys in a car. I rode into a public park to cut through and try to lose them. I looked by to check if they were following me, but they had to stop. I laughed, looked forward, and rammed into a little girl. FML
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"Today I was playing in the park, minding my own business, when some guy ran me over on their bike. FML"


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Well why were they chasing you? Dicks

+100 points! My highest scores was 11000, my reward? A free night stay in a jail themed hotel. Unfortunately they overbooked and I had to sleep with a rather large black man.

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just packed my bags, I'm going to hell for laughing at this.

well did the car that was chasing you happen to be a cop car?

9, OP was focused on the road, hence why she rammed the little girl. She shoulda been focused in what was in front if her.

Oh shit, I read this as the men in the car rammed into the girl. Being hit by a bike probably isn't too pleasant either. I hope she's okay! But.. why were they chasing you and how did you get ahead before you rode into the park, if they were in a car? lol asking questions even though the OPs never answer them.

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thats SICK! in the bad way! pay attention to where ur going. its an FML for the girl. Today, I was pecefully strolling through the park with my parents when suddenly an odd crazed cackling man on a bike smashed into me. FML also, why was a car chasing u?!

It Like in the movie but this time the girl got hit

Let's hope a police car chases them soon after.

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Rammed into a little girl just DOES NOT SOUND RIGHT to me

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25- It's sadly funny :D But yeah FbothyourL.

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Apologize op and give her your bike :D

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Whoops I thumbed down my comment haha

Today, while going for a walk in the park, some jackass on a bike who wasn't paying attention rammed into me. FML

Today, i was innocently standing in the park when some guy ran me over with a bike. FML

Ouch. Good luck explaining how THAT happened to her mother.

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Did Forrest Gump make this FML?

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She wasn't with her mother. I just sent the girl back home from my wardrobe. You know, Narnia.

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Jesus, how did you get a license?

What country do you live in where you need a license to ride a push bike?

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what country do you love in where they call a bicycle a push bike?

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How does one love in a country?

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Easy. Have sex with Natives, while inside their country's borders. :)

Ahahaha, license for a bike! You guys crack me up. Man FML is do awesome!

Where did OP say it was a push bike? I assumed it was but it may have been a motorbike.. When I say I ride my bike to work people assume it's a motorbike not a mountain bike.

where I come from, licenses aren't needed for bikes

You do need a license to ride a bike where I'm from.

#103.. You don't need a licence for a push bike in Denmark.. We're talking about push bikes not motorbikes.

In Soviet Russia, push bike rides you!

thats why its important to always look where youre going. you couldve stopped and then laughed at them, not while moving...

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...or he could keep moving and then hit a little girl so he could make an FML for our entertainment... yeah. i like my idea better

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How old are you to still be riding bikes?

Bikes aren't just for kids, you know. And judging by how OP didn't understand the principle of watching the road, I guess they should put a minimum age on riding bicycles >.

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In this economy? Don't be surprised when you see a grown ass man in his 30s riding his bike to work.

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**** you im 21 with a car and still ride my bike, bikes are the shit!!

You mean...I can't ride a pink tricycle anymore?! ;3

"Today I was playing in the park, minding my own business, when some guy ran me over on their bike. FML"

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Lol we wrote like the same comment at almost the exact same time

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Today, I was innocently walking in the park when some crazy guy rammed his bike into me laughing. I got a boo-boo. FML.