By Amanda - 19/11/2010 05:14

Today, my house was broken into. Apparently, I have nothing good enough in my house to steal, so they took my cake. FML
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Gasp! Not the cake! Matey, be glad they didn't take money or a TV. Or should you get those things so the robbers won't judge you?


Gasp! Not the cake! Matey, be glad they didn't take money or a TV. Or should you get those things so the robbers won't judge you?

Just a cake? JUST a cake? Bitch, I lost a ******* cake in the jungles of 'Nam. It is never *just* a cake.

are you sure you didn't lose that cake in NOM?

that cake... is a lie ;) now everyone knew a portal joke was coming, don't lie.

Touché, 33. Touché. 37, I beat you to that 34 posts ago :p

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OMGLOLZ portal fans ftw!!! >:OOO!!!ooOoOoOooOOoO

Cake?! That cake was my most bed test creation.....

Well the thief must have been hunger. You should appreciate that they liked your cooking.

The theif must of been hunger? Is that the name of the robber? Why isn't his name capitalized? Oh, the questions I have for this world.

I have two questions for you, CreateZ. 1) Was "hunger" simply an oversight? 2) How the **** could you misspell "thief" when it was correct originally? 3) Must of? Really? For those questioning the questions, there are only 10 types of people in the world - those that understand binary and those that don't.

haha Doc, I knew the binary thing but with percentages: 64% of people understand percentages, but 59% don't. this may be wrong though because a friend told me and 79% of percentages are fake and made up on the spot

And once again, DocBastard has saved us from stupidity.

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Createz is telling us the robber is hunger incarnate.

Haha, I partially thank you for correcting me, Doc. I was typing very fast and iPhones are very bothersome when you're in a hurry.

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stupid grammar Nazi's.... who gives a ****...

CreateZ, thank you for taking the naziing for what it is, rather than shooting off a stupid retort like cageddreamz. Speaking of which, dreamz - the apostrophe in "Nazi's" doesn't belong as it is not possessive. And the ellipsis after "****" should be a question mark. I give a ****. Any other questions?

docbasterd freaking grammar perfectionist. what, do you practice planking too? I'm not trying to be mean I think it's great you know how to spell, but you don't have to go around correcting people.

What type of cake because if it was like a triffle cake i'd totally understand why this man/woman stole your cake.

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triffle? you mean truffle:) maybe. haha I'm not sure what your talking about

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*hello this is the police, wat is ur emergency* *help help ive been robbed* *calm down, wat did they take* *my cake!!!*

next time don't leave your most valuable cake in the open

Yea But this cake was goood. THANKS FOR THE CAKE

Ahm, I'm pretty sure your cat just walked away.

Did you misread the post or not finish your comment?

Actually I did misread it :( I thought it said cat. My bad.

No worries, mate. I thought that's what happened but then thought you might've been about to say the cat walked away with the cake. -.-

I laughed cos I thought you were implying the OPs unmentioned cat stole it.

lmbo. this is sad but funny, it would be funnier if it was a hobo too.. and you were driving somewhere and you saw a hobo with frosting all over his mouth!