By VladyBoi - 01/11/2011 00:18 - United States

Today, it's my first Halloween in America since moving from Russia. While handing candy to children, my roommate told me to compliment a little girl by saying "You have a face only a parent could love". I found out it isn't a compliment when I was punched by her Dad. FML
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Punch your roommate! Make him/her suffer too!

who else read this FML while doing a russian accent? :D


Punch your roommate! Make him/her suffer too!

In Soviet Russia, line punch you!

In Soviet Russia, These jokes became old 2 years ago!

btnhdude 0

No, no, no, no, no, It's the other way around. In Soviet Russia, these jokes are new!

Michael_Kelso 0

I know some FML's are inevitably fake and I kinda think this one is. Unless that dad was fresh outta jail I doubt any parent (or any normal person) would react so violently. I've had foreign professors, doctors, and coworkers who have all mixed up phrases and idioms, and never was my first though to punch them but ask them to clarify instead.

Michael_Kelso 0

Why was that moderated? It didn't have anything offensive and it was totally relevant to the FML.

Adman567 9

In soviet rusaia, FML reads you 0_0

In Soviet Russia, candy hands you to children.

In Soviet Russia, the weather is a bit chilly, but still nice. There is a nice coffee shop north of Moscow. Great service.

RuskiManBearPig 4

Your roomate is a tool. I'm from there too. Do the KGB bullshit on him, it works everytime.

RuskiManBearPig 4

Also: zdrastvuytye :]

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In Soviet Russia, combo breakers are shunned...

In Capitalist America, dad punches you!!

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In ANY country u look like 79 after too much mcDonalds

Bekeliyr 10

I got a friend name Vlady. You guys would be good friends.

You will never forget this Halloween for the rest of your life , be happy :D

Feel the wrath of America

Bring em down with you!

mathew17986g 2

now thats not cool

It's better than getting him to say "you have a face that I could Love ;)"

Eh, if OP speaks enough English to write and FML, -and it being perfectly written- I say YDI for obviously not paying attention.

82- OP could've had his roommate or someone else American write it or check his writing. Also, having good grammar is far different from knowing American cultural subtleties.

chickenwalrus 14

what IS cool is his username: "Vladyboi"

In soviet Russia, you scare trick or treaters!

Not to that extent

crackz12 10

I agree with 82. Grammar is perfect, better than most americans. How could op not have known what he/she was saying in such basic english in this situation. And if op is straight from russia wouldnt the guy have heard a deep accent and given him some sort of break?

Sketch23_fml 5

Totally agree. Perfect grammar. No way he didn't know what he was saying.

English idioms are subtle to use/understand, so I think this isn't quite a YDI.

SomeRussianGirl 3

Aww, What a bitch you're Roommate is… I suggest you don't take advice from him/her involving speaking English again. (Side note) GO RUSSIA :D

CourtneyDanielle_fml 9

He could've got you to say something to make you sound like a complete creep.. So could've been worse, I guess.

In soviet Russia there are no treats, just tricks

In Soviet Russia, candy eats you.

chickenwalrus 14

in soviet russia, shut the fuck up

In Soviet Russia, shut fucks you.

When playing a joke like that you always warn them before they actually say it. Zdrastveetzye welcome to America.

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did u say Have nice day?


Haha, me too

In Soviet Russia, you make joke anyways. Stupid beech.

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Welcome to America!

Damn 6 beats me to it Dx

Ya six beats you to it by 114 comments :)

Omg! Thats mean!!!!! (but kinda funny)

Omg! You're right!!!!! (but kinda retarded)

Omg! So am I!!!!! ( and kinda threadjacking )

OMG Inglip!!! (Also, commenter who started original post is one of the thousands of people ive seen on the Internet that make me want to punch someone in the throat!)

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punch him back man .. Or get ur AK-47 and show him ..

Yes, cuz coming to America just to sit in prison is why he came here.

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Sounds like your roommate is an asshole!

who else read this FML while doing a russian accent? :D

kayev 3

Lol I did

skyttlz 32

Yep I did

You know what? I really hate all these russian stereotypes I get bothered at school because of them (and I don't have an accent I have lived in th U.S. For my whole entire life) so please stop with all the stereotyping

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fuck you, u butthurt cock muncher...anyways...IN SOVIET RUSSIA KIDS PUNCH YOU!!!

iTerrorized 4

I'm Iraqi, think of how many stereotypes I get thrown at me.. I've lived in Canada my whole life, but my skin color remains. ;) Just brush em off bro.

Achmed! Hahaha

A Russian having a Russian accent? Naaah, that's just STUPID stereotyping.