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Today, one of my neighbors dressed up in the exact same costume as me. Every house I go to refuses to give me candy because my neighbor has already been there. FML
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Put (fake) blood on your self and say you killed your evil twin.

Go two houses ahead of him? No, I see the obvious solution here: you're going to have to murder your neighbor.


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Trick or treating never gets old. Free stuff becomes an even better offer when you're in college.

Run ahead of him. Then he'll be the one being denied candy.

I know Halloween is a largely American thing, but in the UK it really is just for kids... if teenagers or up go trick or treating then they will usually be told they are too old or the door not be answered. Seriously, why do adults deserve free stuff? I'd rather give it to people who beg on the streets, not my front door.

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I wasn't aware there was an age limit for this site...

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I know I'm gonna get mod-ed but everyone knows what I'm thinking the mods suck once its out their leave it, that's no way to treat your loyal fmlers, and that one was a good one.

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Lol i agree #27 had a vaild point!

The age limit for the site is on the website. I think it's 16 but I don't really remember. Trick or treating is most definitely for children. Legal working age where I live is 15. Get a job and buy your own damn candy coz if yoy knock on my door, you're going away empty-handed.

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Thats what I was thinking. And of course there should be an age limit here. I wouldn't want my kids who are of trick or treating age to be reading some of the stuff on here!!

I get thumbs down, but everyone else that agrees gets thumbs up? I'm a little confused here and I'm not just talking about replies on my comment. Everyone else who commented too..

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don't get the thumbs down either!!!! maybe bc they didn't write it first.

You can go trick or treating when you're older. The trick is to offer to take someone's kid trick or treating for them, and some of the houses might think it's cute and give you candy too.

I really hate the FML thumbing up/down system. How about some etiquette? Thumb down comments that are useless, not ones that don't match your opinion.

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You know what I agree that Halloween does seem childish. But I don't care, last night I had fun, we had laughs I dressed up like a schoolgirl because I'm ****** and 2 girls and us 4 guys trick or treated for about 45 minutes we hung out and talked a laughed for another 3. I will remember last night for my entire life. The women who told me I was too old can go **** herself. And I loved seeing all the kids having fun and keeping the pointless yet great holiday alive!

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It's for 13 and up. 13 is old enought to still trick or treat.

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One guy that trick or treated at my flat was dress as Dorothy from the wizard of oz an he was about 18.

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IDGAF how old i am. Im getting myself some free candy.

Weaksauce. Quilts are the in-thing nowadays.

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So you're upset because you can't get candy? Well Halloween is over so my bet is it is really cheap at the stores now!

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Well then go to a different neighborhood, duh.

What if he accidentally goes to a bad neighborhood? I don't think gangsters celebrate Halloween..

Yes they do. They all piled up in vans and trucks and trick o treated in my neighborhood. Apparently, we have better candy than their neighborhood. It was an interesting night, to say the least!!

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I love giving candy to the trick or treaters! Anybody who knocks on the door gets candy even if there adults or might have already knocked!

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Where you live? I'm coming next year

Dude can I just take the whole candy bowl?!? :O me likes you

Put (fake) blood on your self and say you killed your evil twin.

Beautiful! Seriously though, after house #3 denies you candy, run back home and add blood, wings, or horns... Or dif hood

Great idea. Expand on it saying you cut their head off and carry it around in a bucket lol

Well, take your costume off! You'd probably get more candies than your neighbor.

Go two houses ahead of him? No, I see the obvious solution here: you're going to have to murder your neighbor.

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Just follow him and when he's finished, bag snatch him.

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go hit him and show whos the BOSS ... Unless he's stronger .. Then go home and eat till u get fat ..

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