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Today, while I was working at a supermarket, a kid started to cry in line because he couldn't get candy. Since we have free lollipops behind the desk, I gave him one. His mom complained to my manager and said I was grooming her child. FML
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While the mom overreacted, she may have had a reason for not giving him candy. Better safe than sorry and ask.

You are kind of encouraging brattiness when you do that. YDI


It's probably a safe bet to ask the parent. YDI.

I agree that giving the child the candy was a bad idea, but OP didn't deserve to be accused of grooming the child. That's an awful accusation.

Well, if the mother would comb her kids' hair OP wouldn't have to...

except they did groom the child, they showed him that throwing a tantrum will get him exactly what he wants...

While the mom overreacted, she may have had a reason for not giving him candy. Better safe than sorry and ask.

Furry piece of shit don't fuck animals

What was the point of even making this comment? Seriously.

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I feel the FML community has been bettered ten-fold thanks to this comment. Thank you.

Honestly I'm kind of with #3.. Grooming?? They were accused of cleaning up the kid??

#29 "Grooming" is also another word to describe an adult getting a child to trust them and get close to them in order to allow the adult to more easily take advantage of the child sexually.

#29 also the fact that #3 ended with a period not a question mark indicated it wasn't a question. it was a pointless statement

Grooming can be an innocent term to any kind of preparation. Grooming the child's bad behavior would be my immediate assumption, which is true.

You are kind of encouraging brattiness when you do that. YDI

I give freebies away to kids all the time. It's the parents who are fucked in the head thinking that every guy who interacts with their kid is a pedo. Not only is it incredibly sexist, it's entirely inaccurate as 9/10 victims know the perpetrator beforehand.

Yes but the parent didn't want their child to have the candy. Should have told the mother about the free lolly pops before giving it to the child.

I feel like the mother was more angry that she wasn't asked before giving candy to the child. Once it's in his hands she can't take it from him without causing more problems. She may not want him to have it for any number of reasons. Ultimately, he's her son and it's up to her what he eats. I say OP deserved this one for not asking if it was ok.

I'd be just as irritated by this if it was a guy or girl. I'd only worry about it being a pedophilia if they called my child around the corner and have it secretly or something creepy like that.


Parents are not fucked in the head for wanting to protect their children. And it's not limited to men interacting with their children. Parents teach their kids that stranger danger applies to everyone that they don't know- men, women and children and it's not just to protect them from pedophilia. They don't want a stranger coming up to their child and interacting with them because they don't know that person's motives and especially not when they are trying to parent- they don't want their children thinking "Oh whenever my mum/dad won't let me have my way, I'll just go to a stranger" and you can tell a child over and over again, don't talk to/go off with strangers and they might still do it. Yes, it's important to learn about kindness and that not every kind person wishes to harm you, but children lack the sense of judgement that adults have, which is why they are taught stranger danger in the first place. Also, as you just pointed out with many victims knowing perps, you can never be certain who will harm your children which is why parents have the attitude of 'it's best to assume the worst and protect them than be sorry.'

But OP didn't know the reason he couldn't have candy. It could've been that he had a cavity or something.

Mom was right. You positively reinforced poor behavior. Now the child will act up more and longer to get what she wants. YDI

You're right, but she still overreacting by accusing OP of "grooming" the child. If you weren't aware, grooming is what child molesters do to get a child to trust them. Sure, OP reinforced bad behavior and the mom had the right to be upset, but she didn't have the right to accuse OP of grooming her child.

Ask the parent first before giving anything to a child.

Even a knuckle sandwich?

I wouldn't appreciate you going against my wishes and giving my child candy either to be honest

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If the mother said no to candy, then don't offer it. Instead you address the parent, ask if the child could have a free treat softly. I would have been pissed as well. It's like people giving my dog treats without asking, by holding it out and getting the dog excited. Or wanting to feed my nephew. There are dietary restrictions and enforcement of behavior parents/guardians try to do and you need to not feed kids just because they are "cute."

But its a lollipop. Not a comb. Get it. Never Mind. i will find myself out.

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Didn't get out fast enough