By Anonymous - United States
Today, a kid came Trick-or-Treating at my house. When I told her it was still one more day until Halloween, and that I didn't have any candy, she wound-up her fist, punched me in the groin, and ran off laughing. FML
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  lemoncows  |  2

no ones to old for trick or treating. why do you think the parents take their kids out? when they get home they take what they want and make the kid think they only got a little bit of candy. at least that's what I'm going to do when I'm older :P

  fmlwinnn  |  0

15- from what I understand, some places trick-or-treat on Halloween night. where I live, people trick-or-treat the Thursday before, but not everyone does.

  mjoep1996  |  4

OP if some kid was trick or treating at your house and you live in Florida, you are in the same time zone as me. For me halloween is tonight so I think this is a fake FML.

  dragead12  |  0

or, you know, since all FML's have to be basically voted on and it's still fairly early in the morning, he submitted it last night when it wasn't halloween, but it didnt get posted until this morning

  rallets  |  22

i think an even better one wouldve been

"i guess the trick


was on her"

cause that was just not funny. at all. seriously.