By MollyMoodle7 - 22/06/2011 07:11 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend bought me Kings of Leon tickets for my birthday. Since he thought I was irresponsible, he gave the tickets to his mum so I wouldn't lose them. The show is today, and we can't find the tickets. FML
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'use somebody' else's tickets

Kings of Leon? Seriously? No, I'm kidding. Your boyfriend should be able to trust you more.


deafeningsilence 8

I hate when that happens!

totally agree bro

ReptarRAWR23 0

Haha "bro" she's a girl.

enonymous 8

It's ok I got Dora The Explorer on ice tickets. Consider your date night saved

ImaWiseGuy 5

so what your basically saying is yall are all irresponsible, right?

Suddenly 0

can I come or do I have to buy my own

Damn.. what a shame they put on a great show :/

From experience, you NEVER let your parents hide any of your stuff. They'll forget where they put it and then you're screwed.


deafeningsilence 8


ydi bc kings of Leon suck haha

#13 what #2 was referring to, was #1, not the op, so yea it IS a "bro" because #2 is a guy

KarinaLizeth18 5

Molly's chambers gonna change your mind(: lol KOL has been my fav band for 6 years and I'm still as crazy about em as I ever was :P I would be heartbroken if that happened to me D;

Kings of Leon? Seriously? No, I'm kidding. Your boyfriend should be able to trust you more.

who cares? the main thing is I farted

OceanBreathesSal 5

did it smell like Brittany Spears' perfume? that shit smells gross.

helper420 0

wait, you smelled it and lived?

jmtmxer 0

is it just me or does 3 look like a mix if Selena Gomez and Demi lavato

mom prolly stole the tix and sold them online!

I agree, but I don't see the Demi Lavato, just Selena Gomez.

KINGS OF LEON SUCK and she does look Selena Gomez which is awesome

'use somebody' else's tickets

you should add retarded faces to your list of hobbies!

Tracy Morgan

xAllygator 1

Hur hur, I see what you did there, #4! But , I would seriously cry if that happened to me, OP. I LOVE Kings Of Leon. FYL.

It is okay, they suck anyways lol.

let me guess you either listen to Hannah Montana or justin bieber?

^You mean Rebecca Black.

wow. do you know anything about good music. and honestly get some respect!

Tell your boyfriend to trust you more and stuff like this won't happen.

I see you have shitty writing abilities.

balest22 0

I c ur bf has great trust in you!

lonewolf6613 4

ummm... no he doesn't :( lol jk damn op what have you done to make him have so little faith in you?

DarkMoon159 5

nice pic

English. Learn it.

Unless the tickets were to see them when they were decent, you've dodged a budget

Worst typo ever. *bulled

Just noticed that huge fail on my part as well. thanks iPod. *bullet

awardZu 0

Owned by an iPod, rofl!

Lol 43 "Worst typo ever". Then she proceeds to make a typo. Love it when spelling/typo nazi's fail hard like she did. Awesome!

Yes I love how you put spelling/typo Nazi rather than grammar! I hate it when people say "grammar Nazi" because spelling has nothing to do with grammar!

In hyde park? I was meant to go, but I got the flu

Ouch. I bet his mom sold them

kittykat1501 31

Or used them

maybe their last 2albums weren't the best ever but they still rock, op must be bummed doh...