By for fuck sake dad - 02/11/2012 23:50 - Ireland - Limerick

Today, I introduced my boyfriend to my parents. My dad looked at him and said, "Nice outfit, but it's a little late for Halloween." Before I could intervene, my boyfriend said that joke had been done to death, to which my dad retorted, "Yeah, so has your mum." Instant fistfight. FML
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Funny as hell

If I was the boyfriend, I'd have said "touché" and went on with it. Mom jokes aren't even worth fighting over anymore.


Funny as hell

Wouldn't be very funny to OP. haha good luck at the next family get together.

I feel like this is a scene from a movie, lol i don't think it's funny for the OP, but It'd be funny cause of the exchange

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Darkmagic666 9

65, time for a short lesson.....people from Ireland are generally called Irish and people from Britain are called's really not too hard

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You mean she...., right?

111 - Then why did you think they were British?

119- because of the word 'mum'

Im irish and i don't know whether i find your lack of dinstinction between the irish and the british funny or offensive

GirlOnFire143 6

People from northern Ireland are part of the United Kingdom (Britain), unlike southern Ireland which is only Irish. Get your facts right, people!!

kriz_allizwell 6

Talk about fighting Irish

Not even northern Ireland is part of Great Britain. GB is one island, Ireland another. Northern Ireland is, however, a part of the United Kingdoms.

Look at OP's username it's obvious there have been other problems.

Ireland is part of Britain ..

btstig 11

Who won?

Old Man strength always wins.

The people reading this won.

Old Man + Dating Daughter = Shotgun on premises.

It's funny because you think I'm wrong. a 45 year old man will beat a a 18 year old kid 9 times out of 10.


54 - Please back-up your claim with evidence, until then you're wrong.

Chuck Norris... ^^^

^Game. Set. Match.

To 54- I think that's a pretty wild claim. It really all depends on each person fighting, I've seen a 16 year old kid beat a 35 yr old and I've also seen someone in there late fifties beat a guy in his early twenties. It just all depends on the person fighting and why they're fighting and also how they skilled they are at fighting. An 18 year old black belt will more than likely beat a 45 year old guy with no fight training whatsoever. So yeah 9 times out of ten very unlikely.

Round 1 - Fight

54- At my highschool a junior knocked out a girl's father in one punch. Don't believe me? Look it up.

fylx100 19

96- Mortal Combat?

theannak 7

121: sounds more like treken to me...

Don't you mean tekken? Then again, Trekken sounds pretty awesome. Kirk vs Picard. Round 1 - FIGHT!

If I was the boyfriend, I'd have said "touché" and went on with it. Mom jokes aren't even worth fighting over anymore.

MsMourningStar 22

A boy should always defend his Momma, boyfriend did the right thing. If he defends his mom it means he'll defend his wife too. Hold on to this one if your dad didn't scare him off.

56- nice logic there. Everybody is different and some people can take a joke depending on the situation.

Yeah's Ireland. What do you expect?

Yeah mum jokes aren't worth fighting over when it's with people you know, but when it's a pretty much complete stranger you're meeting for the first time it can be pretty insulting and very rude. So I don't blame the bf for getting into a fight about it, OPs dad was wayyyy out of line.

Were they ever worth fighting over? I always thought they meant nothing all the time. They aren't even insults, just over used cliché

Well you aren't Irish...

For some of us there is a reason why "yo mama" jokes are cause for a fight. Whenever anybody insults my memories of my mother I either make them feel like a total asshole or give them hell.

I don't tolerate any sort of negative comments towards my mother in any way. I would have fought the man too. Major respect for that girls boyfriend.

*Northern Ireland.... Big difference.

173 - Speaking as an Irishman, I'm reasonably confident that Limerick is not in Northern Ireland.

Maturity at it's finest.

People from Limerick don't fuck around. When they're not writing poems of course.

Eh, it's better than Hooker Hole, Louisiana. You don't want to know what happens at night there.

zingline89 18

Hey I grew up in Hooker Hole, Louisianna! In the Sphincter neighborhood! Are you a fellow Sphinctonite?

What an idiot. Hope the boyfriend won.

Agreed! What a shitty thing to say about anyone's mother. It's crazy the dad was so immature about it.

And by agreeing about the boyfriend winning, I hope he was able to get the dad to chill out. Nothing good every comes out of fist fights.

Your dad is an asshole, I feel bad for your boyfriend. I'd be pissed too

Eh, for all we know the boyfriend could be a complete chump. So don't assume things, you'll make an ass out u and me.

41, her dad should have known better than to be a smartass. He's a fully grown man. The boyfriend was just retaliating to what was said.

Your dad's a jerk, but at least he's a really witty jerk.

So your dads like my brother? An asshole... I feel your pain...

This comment was just so irrelevant and unnecessary..

Pot, kettle, black.

klovemachine 24

I wonder what the OP's boyfriend was wearing? :O

I figured he was just a bit emo/scene/goth/heavy metal or whatever they have evolved into now...or possibly anime fan or a furry?

lilmisslovely13 15

That's what i was wondering. Maybe hes goth or something like that.

Just brilliant purely brilliant

None of that sarcasm shit here sir