By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I was at a restaurant when I heard a young girl telling her father she didn't think she was pretty. When I got up to leave, I walked past her table and told her she was beautiful. Her dad then punched me in the face. FML
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  chahat  |  0

um he was trying to brighten up her day because he's gentleman enough to understand every girl deserves to feel beautiful? her dad took it too seriously . but good job OP :)

By  Pangea  |  0

I say YDI. Maybe she needed to hear that, but not from a complete stranger with her dad right there. There's a time and a place, and you picked the creepier of both of those options.

By  xbOw00  |  0

At comment number 4: Sure, she definitely needed to hear that, but I'd have to disagree with the "There's a time and a place" comment. They were in a restaurant, and the OP would have little chance of ever seeing this girl again. You can't blame him.

  kct101  |  18

there are many girls who are extremely beautiful but are insecure about it, not to mention you may have a different view of beauty than another person. everyone has a different outlook on the subject.