By oh hey there - 20/04/2011 09:27

Today, I went shopping for a nice outfit to wear for a job interview. A fake job interview. One that I just made up so my mother would get off my case about finding a job. I don't know which is sadder, the fact that I can't get a job, or that my mother actually believed me about the interview. FML
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you'll find a job, just keep looking (: good luck

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1- OP is obviously not looking for a job. And let's settle OP's confusion about which is sadder: The saddest part is that if you would put that effort into actually looking for a job then you wouldn't be so pathetic.


you'll find a job, just keep looking (: good luck

no one would hire, their excuse? " you have to much fat on your belly, we don't want anything to break while you move,bitch" Yeah FML

flickyourbic1223 7

1- OP is obviously not looking for a job. And let's settle OP's confusion about which is sadder: The saddest part is that if you would put that effort into actually looking for a job then you wouldn't be so pathetic.

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She's not going to find a job if she keeps this up. Maybe instead of going to a fake interview, she should actually put energy into landing a real one.

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were OP get the money to go shopping?

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I agree #40, OP is just another debt to society who only cares about having fun and avoiding work thus being a detriment to her parents until they kick her ass on the street.

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my mom, boyfriend, and friends have handed in 5-10 applications with no luck, just keep trying! that's all you can do now.

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You have a future career as an actor

I hate people that say "I can't get a job." it's bullshit. lower your standards, go work at a fast food place or something at least until you find something you want. My best employee did that, her resume was filled with certificates, but she had one minor criminal record incident. Lost her cushy job she had for 10+ years. The year since, she's held part time jobs at Burger King and Harveys. As an employer, that speaks volumes to the type of person she is.

117, I normally don't say things about people's pictures, but... my god.

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oh how I feel your pain it's hard as **** to get a decent job nowadays. good luck don't stop looking that's what makes thee situation worse.

117 I'm disgusted that you call yourself a Canadian with a picture like that.. ugh...

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117- I have the same picture of luigi :)

117. It's not as simple as sending a resume to a crappy place and expecting them to pick you up 5 minutes later. How many other people do you think are doing the same thing? Especially for fast food restaurants. Probably hundreds. Plus they need to have positions in the first place. I'm unemployed and have applied to christ knows how many shitty cleaning, fast food and supermarket jobs, and not got a single reply back. I've had 1 interview this year for quite a decent job, but was unsuccesful. Don't be so quick to judge. You have not the slightest notion of every unemployed person's circumstances.

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127- that's a typical Canadian, I don't see why you are complaining.

Not always true. Mostly, it actually is as simple as people's attitudes and persona. I know I'm only 16, but that doesn't mean I don't have some experience. especially since I have the exact same experience and qualities as all my other friends -none. I've personally gotten to an interview at every place I've applied, while my friend (who's just as smart) has gotten to none. Why? Because she was to afraid to talk to the employers, so she mailed the application instead of showing up and presenting herself. Small things makes a big difference.

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127 - I am disgusted your icon talks about unconditional love, yet here you are judging once again. Bravo.

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oh my gosh I almost died over your picture seriously I spilled my dr. pepper thanks to you

Do I smell lack of self confidence?? OP, believe me, if you really want a job, you'll find one ! :) all you need is to work harder.

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if u was your mom I would have believed you too!

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it's not sad it's pathetic. OP bought clothes for a fake interview. meaning OP hasn't even been getting interviews. which probably means OP has sent out very few resumés. stop sitting on your ass. stop wasting money and time. get a job (even if it has to be a shitty one to add experience. since chances are you just got out of school and have no actual work experience)

If she was her mom that would be quite strange... and impossible.

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mcdonalds had national hiring day yesterday. if op really wanted a job they would've hone tp the nearest location.

I think it'd be worse if she didn't believe OP

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it is sad but if you need an excuse to leave your house and smoke cheeba, it works!

Yeah the fact that you can't find a job is sadder.

Well, when you do get an interview one of your strengths is 'A good imagination'. :P

You are pathetic, I do not know how this FML passed, because nobody wants to hear your shit.

Neither are sad, both are pathetic. You'll never be able to support yourself, OP, with the way you're going about it. YDI, though.

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lol is this a serious comment?

I agree.. you either refuse to work at any job or you just suck that hard.. anyone could get a job.. get off your ass and find one.. fast food joints are hiring all over the place

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Not anyone can get a job. Do you have any idea how many people are applying for those fast food jobs? My brother-in-law has applied at every fast food place in town, and is in line behind about 15 people every time. He's applied at countless local retail stores as well and hasn't gotten anything. There aren't any jobs around for the average joe. The only jobs around are jobs that require years and years of experience or specific certifications.

If OP has the time and money to go out and buy clothes for a fake interview, I'm pretty sure he/she also has the time and money to at least attempt to get these 'certain specifications'. Not everyone can get a job, sure, but not everyone wallows around without attempt, either.

Why is it pathetic that OP's mum believed her? I think the most pathetic part is that OP wanted to use the now trite "I don't know what's sadder" ending but couldn't figure out anything sadder than lying about the interview. "I don't know what's sadder: the fact that I can't get a real interview or the fact that I'm buying clothes for a fake one." FTFY.

Mm, when you say that, I realize I didn't think what I meant through very well. Oh, well. I guess the whole FML is pathetic. Going out to buy clothes for a fake interview, and lying to his/her mother about doing something like that. Not that the mother believed him/her. But yes, the 'I don't know which is sadder' is the most pathetic part of the FML by far, especially because the whole situation isn't sad at all.

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it really depends on where you are. there aren't that many job opportunities, because of the economy.

a $100 outfit is a lot easier than a $40000 "special certificate" saving the Money in the cloths will not get OP any closer to college

by the way "special certificates" mean a diploma like for college and beyond