By silkysmooth - 31/10/2011 23:29 - United States

Today, I was almost out of conditioner, despite having just bought some. Apparently, my boyfriend has been using it to condition his pubes. He thinks doing this will make me want to give him more blowjobs. FML
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Tristyxxx 24

Replace it with nair

Silky pubes are a huge turn-on.


Tristyxxx 24

Replace it with nair

Are you sure he's not using it in place of lube?

13- That kind of goes hand in hand with the initial intent.

13 - When I read the fml the first time, I was expecting op to say that he used it in place of lube too.

n_epic_fail 14

Hay, in his defense his pubes probably smell great!

So I'm not the only one that does this?

Exactly. If his pubes are manky enough to need conditioning, he should probably get rid of them :S

AceArctic 4

98 - No.

Nair burns on your junk, trust me. Tell him to shave and start going down himself and you'll take more trips down south.

FruityLoooons 8

That was the point, bro.

fthislyfe 22

Does he dye his pubes too?

Good point. Check your hair straightener for stray pubes too. He's manscaping.

mcday 5

I dyed mine hot pink with a neon green frosted tips, just sayin

Heya I know about Iran, very nice place Have a lot of friends here in Tokyo And I'm not Japanese, I'm Indian It's a nice place too :)

did it get you more head or scare them away..

seems like a logical idea

kings1fan 6

It's Halloween! No one wants to here about pubes hahah

stacianichole 2

Why on Halloween does no one want to hear about pubes?

Apparently Halloween is a magical day in which pubes do not exist

Silky pubes are a huge turn-on.

boner_till_icoll 0

then u'll love mine

iFizzgig 11


I love how 69 people have voted thumbs up hahahha I guess she wants a blowie too ;)

This made me lol. What the? Next thing you know he'll be putting pretty bows down there too

TriflingAllDay 6

No dude. Cleanliness and decoration are seperate matters.

Oh, that's so.....manly.. *cough

boner_till_icoll 0

and sexy *cough*cough*

Yes. How unmanly to be concerned about one's appearance.

So did it work for him? Is he getting more BJ ?

He's not conditioning...he's jerking off with it! Duh

I would have to agree. He isn't getting the pleasure from that prude bitch so he's Prolly taking matters in his own hand. Haha get it... hand.

boohbah1789 0

That's what I think too xD