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  negb  |  30

Well of course accidents happen, she's missing an arm.
Anyways, that sucks OP. Not sure if you can get ahold of her but if you can, maybe an apology will make both of you feel better.


Plus you didn't know! Like #1 said if you said anything mean about the missing arm then we'd understand why she would be hurt! And like #2 said if you feel bad about it that wand your not an asshole!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

My mom was born without one hand and she is extremely light hearted about it. My family actually makes jokes about it and we all, her included, laugh. She was once at a hockey game and her hands were in her pockets and a new friend (who hadn't noticed her lack of hand yet) said "that's funny, the way your hand is in your pocket makes it look like you have no hand." To which my moms cousin said "she doesn't have a hand" my parents and cousin laughed and this guy felt horrible, to which my mom told him it wasn't a problem and that that happens sometimes. I have met other people without a hand who try and hide it all the time. Personally I think more people should learn from my mom to just own it, not be embarrassed by it, and most importantly to realize that some people won't notice right away or say stupid comments by accident or asked questions that may be insensitive but they don't mean any harm. Someone in this position feels so horrible about it and I think it's people (like my mom's) job to try and help them feel less embarrassed and let them know it's not a big deal. If she actually was offended than I think she needs to learn to deal with it a bit better because from experience I know things like this will come up again a lot. It's good you feel bad op, but don't let it ruin your day, it was an honest mistake and you didn't mean to offend her. :)