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Today, a kid came trick or treating to my house. When I told him Halloween was nearly two weeks ago, his reaction was to savagely kick me in the shin and run off screaming obscenities. This is the same kid who broke down in tears when I gave him candy on the real Halloween. FML
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This kid probably has some issues

It wasnt today ????!!??? WTF


so... did you give him candy?

so... did you give him candy?

Damn_Hippster 11

so... did you give him candy?

Considering OP said "his reaction was to savagely kick me in the shin and run off screaming obscenities"... no.

bitchslapped22 14

I moderated this! And I said awkward

leogirl95 12

After I read the first sentence, I was like, what? This fml is fake! Then I saw the two weeks ago and was like, oh okay..

If "running off screaming" for you means waiting patiently at the doorstep while she got him candy, then yes...

Drummerboy1234 0

that's a cool story 32, except for not at all.

Nope, you don't feed those tweakers

LiyIa_fml 8

Gotta love kids. They make life so entertaining.

leogirl95 12

Yes!! I finally got too many negative votes

xoconnie 8

LMAO this FML creates a really funny scene in my head. hahahahaa poor kid!

its not enough.

man no one understands sarcasm these days... uh oh my comment has 27 thumbs down I think I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep tonite while I down a whole bottle of Jack Daniels

Little bipolar bastard.

Dress as a bipolar guy. When he comes to the door, say your his twin

Do you understand what Bipolar means?

No, he doesn't. Yet I see more and more posts from the idiot in which he either doesn't make a bit of sense or are just completely off the wall stupid.

Fuck u asshole

It wasnt today ????!!??? WTF

KiddNYC1O 20

You sure are dressed for it. (see colors)

Hey its him.. OP kick him back!

No today's Easter

In Holland there's no halloween, but à similar day, Saint Martin, and thats today.

chanta24 10

Maybe he has a mental disease :( were so quick to assume...

This kid probably has some issues

Daddy issues? Nah. CANDY ISSUES!!!

Yeah issues like having stupid parents who cant teach him manners...

Could always send him to Neverland Ranch, Catholic Church, or Pen State.

youngbuck10 9

I would have pelted the son of a bitch with apples, oranges, and other heavy shit.

kimmiekimmiekong 0

wait r u saying apples and oranges r heavy?

LiveLaughFML 10

really, #5? what has our world come to? he's just a little kid! if you're going to do it right, get into the Halloween spirit and use pumpkins instead of oranges and apples! :D

13FTW 9

What the fuck kinda apples and oranges you been eating? I don't consider the ones I eat to be heavy.

KiddNYC1O 20

20- When you get struck with one you'd think it was something heavy.

bejay 4

Watermelons. Argument resolved.

bejay 4

Watermelons. Argument resolved.

youngbuck10 9

Let me throw an apple at you and see if hurts! Kids aren't stupid and they know better than to kick people. It's sad there are people in this world who let kids do whatever they want just because "they are just little kids". Get a sense of humor, geez!

EvilCupcake8361 9

I suggest throwing flaming cow turds, but that's just me

2ndSucks 15

Was he at least dressed up?

Was it Fred?

This kid is going places.

Mental institution more like it.

CheeseOnTheSide 3

Bipolar kid.

btnhdude 0

Bifocal kid.

1JDub 6

You my friend shall have your house egged

Awesome!!!! He shall get eggs!!!!!

Halloween's an emotional time in a young boys life; Strangers constantly putting their hands in and around your sack.

cbdee 8

I see what you did there 12..