By happybirthday - 26/09/2011 17:06 - United Kingdom

Today, it's my birthday. My girlfriend gave me a Paul Frank t-shirt. It says "I'm single." FML
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You should have told her you can't wear it cus your other girl friend will get mad, lol

points for creative and funny break up


Who's Paul Frank?

thats a different way of breaking up with someone..

apparently someone singles

It's a brand. Paul Frank that is.

Happy Birthday OP

I'm guessing you got the hint? One more single girl :D

Anne Frank relative.........................

Paul Frank on TV: "Breaking up with someone: There's a shirt for that. Yep, there's a shirt for...just about anything. Only on Paul Frank."

Isn't Paul Frank the monkey? People like to say it's a Bobby Jack rip-off...or am I thinking of something else?

Well that's original. :)

A monkey

A fashion designer! The monkey's name is JULIUS.

points for creative and funny break up

Buy her a shirt that says, "I'm not with stupid, I am stupid"

That stupid bitch

FML seems to be full of funny break ups these day :p

apparently someone single

Well, that's saying something, isn't it?

Yes, it says "I'm single."

You should have told her you can't wear it cus your other girl friend will get mad, lol

Freedom! Some die for it, others get it on their birthday. Head right on down to the bar and tell this story to the hottest girl you can find. The birthday/sympathy fuck is almost guaranteed, especially if you are generous with the liquor.

Oh perdix, your wise words never cease to amaze me.

Predix, you have never failed to make me laugh, you get a gold star of epicausity.

Playful1985 9

When girls go out to party, they don't want to hear your problems

That shirt will help you pick up a quality girl one day.

Buy her a t-shirt saying: "I'm a friggin' child". Come on, why spend money on a break-up? Just tell your partner it doesn't work anymore, or even better, try to work it out. She chose a horrible day, that's for sure.

This makes for a better story.

I got one of those shirts at the rehabilitation clinic.

Everything is better, when it's on a tshirt

I have to disagree on that one!

What about semen?

Well, if OP' ex had broken up with him the normal way, we probably wouldn't be reading this FML, thus stopping random people to laugh at OP's misfortune, and having a better day See? Everythin gis better when it's on a tshirt

* everything

Ohhh I get it now.....NOT!!!! lol

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