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  happyhak  |  5

Paul Frank on TV:

"Breaking up with someone: There's a shirt for that. Yep, there's a shirt for...just about anything. Only on Paul Frank."

By  perdix  |  29


Some die for it, others get it on their birthday.

Head right on down to the bar and tell this story to the hottest girl you can find. The birthday/sympathy fuck is almost guaranteed, especially if you are generous with the liquor.

  Playful1985  |  9

When girls go out to party, they don't want to hear your problems

By  DjeePee  |  24

Buy her a t-shirt saying: "I'm a friggin' child".

Come on, why spend money on a break-up? Just tell your partner it doesn't work anymore, or even better, try to work it out. She chose a horrible day, that's for sure.

  tona01  |  16

Well, if OP' ex had broken up with him the normal way, we probably wouldn't be reading this FML, thus stopping random people to laugh at OP's misfortune, and having a better day
See? Everythin gis better when it's on a tshirt

  tona01  |  16

Well good for you, if you wish to have cyber balls, and troll a little be my guest. I'm guessing that you're a prepubecent dumbass, that's trying to be cool. Because of instead trying to put something usefull here, you decide to attack someone else. So please if you are such a eminence in humor and in internet relations, do post a comment, instead of complaining about other comments an opinions. So until you make a comment With some substance, everything you say is invalid... Dipshit