By cdick - 11/03/2009 20:46 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I decided to exchange presents for our birthdays. I spent $100 on perfume and Victoria's Secret clothes. She bought me a bag of lifesavers, then asked me to leave because she wanted to take a nap. FML
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ayumi_fml 0

i would've taken back the presents while she was sleeping..

Bubs_fml 0

Imagine if the genders were reversed here? I mean, people are pissed now, but there'd be an epic thousand-comment ****storm going on in here if a guy was the culprit in this FML.


ayumi_fml 0

i would've taken back the presents while she was sleeping..

xxwtfwasthatxx 0

CHRIS BROWN that bitch

no. here's what u do: next year, buy her thousands of dollars of stuff. then, once she sees it, toss her one little cheap thing from the pile, and set the rest on fire. mwahaha :)

JocelynKaulitz 28

That's a little harsh, no?

jackson7787 0

Maybe your real present just hasn't come in the mail yet? :(

Notice how it's usually women who complain about not getting presents and shit.

Mpapir 0

dude that sucks, i agree with number 1

yeahreally 6

she better have made up for it later that night or something!!!

Steal back the stuff! D: What an insensitive girl, telling you to leave after giving her nice presents :(

itxheather 0

fucking steal the gifts back and dump her ass

albert17 0


Dump, really???

Wow, that sucks. I agree with #1...

Your girlfriend is a bitch who is using you and taking you for granted.

I wouldn't say your girlfriend is a bitch, but that was pretty effed up of her. :/