By 1fungi - 07/12/2010 05:25

Today, it's my 26th birthday. My girlfriend gave me a matchbox car, a glow necklace, and a squirt gun. For her birthday, I bought her a new dress, rented a limo, and took her around to bar hop with her friends. FML
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if this was flipped and the boy was given the squirt gun and the girl was giving the limo everyones opinions would be completely different.


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dude, that sucks! Well, happy birthday, today is mine as well!! (:

I agree that those gifts are lame but it's all about the giving not receiving and in the end your the better person

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24 you forgot the asshole. OP, I hope your girl put out that night, at the very least.

She got you better presents. You, OP, are one lucky man. Something like this would pass on MLIA. >:D

#29 I tip my hat to you, forgot about that present!

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Don't forget her ears, so she can hear you "coming".

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Bullocks Pen! It's funny how you can take one word and change the whole meaning of a sentence. No offense to the cuckoo bird.(:

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That was pretty awesome pendatik. So it sounds like op only gives awesome presents because he expects awesome presents in return? Maybe she can't afford to rent you a damn limo. Do you know how awesome a squirt gun can be? Fill it with grapefruit juice and whoever you shoot will be sticky for the rest of the day! Use your new power wisely.

On a man's birthday, women are supposed to provide great sex, then STFU for the rest of the day.

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exactly nobody said you ad to use only water

lol! I read this twice!!! GAWD, I have no life, xD jk >.> <.<

Lol Shady and TheRealFamilyGuy also forgot boobs :P 5 good presents gentlemen.

Noticed they put their FML under the "love" category. Not very good at categorizing either. And, YDI, you didn't even double check and reread it before sending it.

#33 and the boobs... don't forget the boobs :D

"Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and moneyyyy" =D

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No it's "Girls like cars and men; so I named myself Carmen." -to man- "What's your name, then?" ... " B.J. Titsandgolf."

I'm never gonna see a Carmen the right away again lol.

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well.. if you were my boyfriend.. I wouldn't want a limo and a new dress and all that... glow sticks and a matchbox car is good enough for me :D

That sounds like an ideal boyfriend to me. I'd be disappointed as hell to be dating his girlfriend. She must be too poor to afford anything else and also unappreciative since she proves to be incapable of at least being more thoughtful than a freaking squirt gun.

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This thread gives a new meaning to Humpty Dumpty.

Don't be so materialistic, OP. Maybe she just didn't have enough money to buy YOU a limo and a tux and take you out to a bar with your friends.

**** that! All this proves is that she's an ungrateful little shit.

that's so true, I was thinking the same thing as I did the same thing once! I'm not MADE of money!

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I don't think he'd be angry if that was the case

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Omg!!! None of my comments are coming up *rage* she's obviously not as well financed as you, if you're not happy leave.

This relationship seems a little.. unbalanced. But just a little, no biggie.

at least she got you something OP - stop whining and get over it

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^^^ Yep, a lot of people would. For my ex's birthday I spent a lotttt on a romantic weekend. On my birthday, I got a movie. And I knowwww she's better off than I am. Glad to be rid of her ;P

just think of all the activities you can do with your birthday presents . ahhhhhh so many activities