By garfwebba - 3/1/2010 01:17 - United States
Today, it's my birthday. My boyfriend didn't get me a present. He did, however, get me a card from our cat. He signed it "Have a purrrrfect birthday." Then he left to go to work. I was alone all day long. FML
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By  _Mazza_  |  0

...What? At least he remembered.

It's not like he can take a day off just because it's your birthday, you know. The fact that you were alone all day was your own fault, get some friends.

  PeopleRSoDumb  |  0

So the fuck what? He got you a card, put MORE thought into it than just "Happy birthday", and then went to go make a living. Take off your imaginary tiara and get a life. There's this new thing called 'friends'.

  thatoneguy764  |  0

The man has to go to work, thats where he gets the money to fuel his lifestyle and possibly look after his gf. Some bosses wont give a damn whos birthday it is work is work.


remembering someones birthday does not make them a fuckin prince it makes them a curtous person!!! someone with manners!
something you obviously lack #1!!
to op didn't you have the cat? think on the brighter side! lol but yeah your boyfriends a jerk I'm sorry happy birthday tho

  TheTruth1428  |  0

Totally. Passive aggressiveness solves all!

As for the OP, God forbid someone actually have to work to make money. That might be a foreign concept to you, but not for the average person.

Maybe he isn't able to get you anything money wise, so he thought the card from the cat would be a nice gesture, while he went to work to earn the money you two need to live on?

  usnwife  |  18

That's a bit over the top.... My husband has misses 3 of my last 4 birthdays as well as our anniversary due to deployments. At least he was there, remembered, and did SOMETHING for her! Its a fucking birthday, the entire world doesn't stop to make sure you get everything you want. Most bosses would never give someone a day off for their gf birthday, at most let them off a couple hours early for their WIFE'S bday! Stop your bitching op and grow up.

  White667  |  0

Why? He remembered it was her birthday, and knew she liked her cat. I thought it was kinda cute and sweet, rather than just the boring "here's a card I wrote both our names in" he actually thought about it.

Bitches be unkind, bro

This dude is just a working guy who, for whatever reason, didn't get his ungrateful girlfriend a present on her birthday. She shouldn't be expecting something, should be glad he remembered and shouldn't have thought that he would be around KNOWING that he needed to go to work that day. At least he HAS A JOB, which by OP loneliness on that day, would either assume she doesn't; or that she's too lazy to work because of her unreasonable sense of self worth. "Because it's her birthday"

By  _Mazza_  |  0

...What? At least he remembered.

It's not like he can take a day off just because it's your birthday, you know. The fact that you were alone all day was your own fault, get some friends.

By  Boxingsweets  |  0

I don't see how this is an FML. At least he remembered; he gave you a card, and then he had to go to work, and you're complaining he hadn't gotten you a present. Greedy, aren't we?

  Malinkrot  |  3

I guess boyfriend thought the OP would get tricked into thinking the card was from the cat, and the boyfriend didn't even mind that he got no credit for it! What a great and selfless guy.

By  Flounder  |  2

He obviously remembered, he wrote you a card from your cat which is clearly his way of trying to do something nice for you since as a guy he probably assumes you'll think that's adorable, and then you begrudge him a honest day's work from what is most likely his livelihood while you bitch about being "alone". Jesus Christ, you are a piece of work.