By bannana0zoom - 03/03/2012 08:06 - Canada

Today, it's my birthday. My mom got me a gym membership and a bunch of clothes that are a few sizes too small. FML
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K_kanaka 26


You can't understand it now, but in a few weeks or months, if you really hit the gym, you will love her for that present. Happy birthday!


K_kanaka 26


Could be a sign ;) (i.e she wants you to get a boyfriend!)

17 or perhaps a girlfriend?

Or perhaps just get fit. Why does everything have to be about getting a guy or girl?Sometimes it's good just to do something for your own health and well being.

Op is lucky, those memberships are expensive!

17, Or perhaps a friend?

thiscrazything 1

Happy birthday. She gave you a wonderful gift..... Incentive. Now go out and enjoy it.

Because 33, in the end, everything derives from a motivation to get laid, in some way or another- Drunk Tank

90 I love your enthusiasm :) I think that op should look at it as a good thing :) not a insult... She/he could feel so much better about them self if they take full advantage of the gift :)

I'm pretty sure OP's mother know her clothes size. If, perhaps, it is a female it may very well be that the mother is trying to spark interest

You can't understand it now, but in a few weeks or months, if you really hit the gym, you will love her for that present. Happy birthday!

Exactly what I was thinking, If your committed it could turn into one of the best birthday presents you've ever received. Hey and when you get in shape maybe you could even post a picture of yourself with no shirt on like our good friend #1 above!

Yeah you really should take advantage of it. I've been dieting for my new years resolution and I'm already down 20lbs. Also if you get bored of running try switching up your work out. I started doing Jiu Jitsu and Boxing every now and then. It's like cardio but so much more fun

DKjazz 20

Congrats on the 20 lbs MagicallyFat! I'm glad you're having fun losing weight. Too much cardio can be bad, but so can too much weight training. Don't stress over it, your body will tell you when it's had enough of any one thing. Fortunately, variety gives way to balance, balance creates stagnation and, variety blows stagnation out of the flow. Nice little circle, that.

Nice mom u got u there...u should appreciate for taking care of u.

pedosmurf 7

Ye she's trying to get you to lose weight she could of been a bitch and been like making whale noises every time she sees you but no your mom cool

llaman1gguhl4ugh 5


I wouldn't mind a membership, personally. :)

Seeing your profile picture I also thought so..

No 9 I think his profile picture is more a direct response to your comment, "**** you."

laynethetrain 0

OP should be in the gym trying to fit in those new clothes not on the computer

How do you know OP isn't? I'm on the FML app on my phone and OP could have posted it from the gym.

Hopefully theres still tags on them if you don't want to put forth the effort. She would be a bitch if she threw away the tags and played the sympathy card

Nah the mum was thinking ahead...

Firstly, happy birthday Lastly, look at the clothes as a motivation to lose down some weight and when that day come, you will thank your mum.

And tell her you want some Lorna Jane to work out in!

klovemachine 24

return the favor on her birthday

Awe she's showing that she cares about you! You should appreciate her gift!

Motivation :D ..... but tell your mom you didn't appreciate the gifts.

so that you can look sexier on the next bday! moms are always right :-D

Thinner isn't always sexier. Look at Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, and any number if other women who once were voluptuous but then lost too much weight and now look like gaunt crack ******.

DocBastard you have to admit in a majority of cases thinner is better, thinner is sexier than overweight to be honest! And in the case of Nicole Ritchie etc those are women who brought being thin to the extreme so obviously that's going to be unattractive.

right! op may safely ignore the the clothes in smaller sizes! but hey, going to the gym dsnt neccesarily imply becoming stick thin! tone up, op :)

Dooley, I don't have to admit anything. Some people (myself included) prefer curvy, voluptuous women, some prefer them to be stick-thin, and some even prefer morbidly obese women. It's called a personal preference. I was just making a point that thinner ISN'T almost always better.

Most of the time it is. We see your point, and in those special case exceptions you are right but most of the time it is.

Alright, thinner is not always sexier (for the majority it is, but heeyah, personal preferences for the win), but thinner (aka, normal shaped) is healthier. And in that case, it is better.

tannarox 0

Lindsay Lohan was never "voluptuous". She was just healthy. Drugs pretty much destroyed her entire body...

I wasn't saying thinner is always better. I said in the majority of times thinner is better as many women dont have the curves to be voluptuous in the first place so they can end up looking unhealthy if they carry the same amount of weight as a woman with curves. And there's the fact that the op could go to the gym to get herself a voluptuous figure in the first place! So DocBastard I just found your comment a little unnecessary.

My comment was unnecessary? You're the one who disagreed with me, not the other way around. I said something, you disagreed with it, and I further disagreed with your disagreement. This is what's called a "discussion". You may call it an "argument" if you prefer. You don't get to have the final word just because you say so. If you don't want to argue with me, don't call me out.

Thinner doesn't always mean healthier. Lol. -.- I say being toned up/fit and having some muscle is better xP

Where did I mention I didn't want to have a discussion or that I'd call it an argument? I meant I found your first comment unnecessary so that's why I commented in the first place.

My first comment was me disagreeing with the comment above. How exactly is that unnecessary? Or are you, while responding to comments, advocating the removal of the ability to respond to comments?

I don't know where you get these ideas of things I think from? You have no idea what I'm thinking, I didn't mention anything about removing the ability to comment or about wanting to call our discussion an argument! I just thought your "blah blah I like voluptuous women blah" comment was an unnecessary reply to the original comment because she didn't say "get stick thin OP!! Just like Lindsay Lohan she's so sexy!"

Dooley, shut your damned hole already and go back and read my "original" comment. The comment that I was commenting on did say something about thinner being sexier, but it has somehow changed (comment bug, FML bug, whatever), but in my first comment I didn't say anything about me preferring anything. That only came after YOU said "thinner is sexier than overweight". That's when the argument started, and that's when you said my comment was unnecessary. I was commenting to someone else originally, not to you. So get your ******* facts straight before you start some bullshit again.

Dooley you sound like a fool...sorry but docbastard was the FIRST person to say something positive to this poor girl about being voluptuous. I'm sorry but for any girl that would be a sad thing to receive on your birthday. he stated his opinion about chunkier girls having the ability to be sexy too. Not a single comment on here is "unnecessary", that's the point of the fricken website

Since EVERYTHING must be related to sex for people to understand.. I find healthy people to be sexy. You can be a little curvy or muscular and that's just beautiful. It's obese and the anorexic people that turn my stomach.

DocBastard I didn't open any "damn hole" in the first place, I typed a message. There's a major difference actually. And yeah no need to get so rude either but I suppose that's a trait that seems to be quite common across the the USA. In your first comment what I saw was you going on about skinniness not being sexy in a lot of cases when the original commenter didn't say anything about skinniness that I saw, maybe the comment was modified I don't know but I just saw you jumping in unnecessarily and commented because of it but you don't seem able to accept that without getting your little panties in a bunch, try grow up a little bit buddy instead of getting agitated over comments on FML.