By mookiemookie01 - / Thursday 27 March 2014 22:34 /
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By  AmorVitae93  |  6

Maybe you should try a little harder to look like one

  Despereaux  |  15

No, she doesn't. And to all the people saying she should try harder or wear makeup or something, it's perfectly normal and realistic that some people who identify as female don't enjoy makeup or frilly dresses. That doesn't make them any less of a girl.

  junkman6  |  22

#18 if it's bugging her so much.... Maybe she should make a little bit of a change?

Right or wrong doesn't really come into it, if something frustrating you you should take steps to fix it.

  yahoowizard  |  16

Well OP is frustrated that she doesn't look like a girl so either she should look past what people are saying or try to look more like a girl. Seeing that she bought a shirt to announce it, she sounds like she wants to go with the latter so 3 has good advice.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

@27 Well, I'm not sure if she means that she doesn't feel like she looks like a girl or that people mistake her gender. I know that's a subtle difference. If she didn't care, then I'd say tell everyone to fuck off. However, I agree that if she's frustrated by it then by all means make a change.

  falon142012  |  22

What if OP does wear makeup and girly clothes, but just has the physique and facial features that make her seem masculine? If that's the case, OP I'm really sorry. Hopefully you'll figure something out eventually.

  Lukensz  |  16

I am a tomboy and I look like a dude, dress like a dude and in general behave like a dude, so I'm not bothered whenever anyone takes me for one (though I admit I was a bit surprised when I was first called a 'sir' by a shopkeeper). If OP takes such offence to being called a boy, I believe she should take some steps not to look like one.

  aire101  |  16

To be fair, and I'm not trying to be hateful, just direct... I've seen many women that still wouldn't 'look like a woman' whether they put on makeup, a dress and heels or not... they would really just look like a man cross dressing as a woman. I can imagine such a situation would be incredibly frustrating.

  SkyGuy32  |  17

#24, I actually thought it was pretty funny. But I'm sure we can both express that opinion using the like or dislike button on the comments instead of personally insulting the commenter's joke.

  Turbo_Turtle  |  14

I never wear make up, and rarely with dresses. Try longer, girly hairdos and small jewelry, like earrings. Or even like lip gloss and nail polish. Don't forget there are more feminine clothes that AREN'T dresses.

  Bano360  |  25

Then why is she wearing a tshirt to say she's a women? It goes both ways, you should be able to dress how you like or not wear makeup. But if she's frustrated then why doesn't she try what #7 said?

  SkyGuy32  |  17

If you have short hair, that might be the problem.

  LynxieLynx  |  17

but what if she has boyish features in her face or body and is mistaken as a boy or transexual? I'm just guessing though, but it seems like a valid reason. Maybe she could just wear makeup or just wear some girly colors. I'm sure op looks like a girl or is pretty in anyway.

  MortenM  |  17

Great idea from the feminist movement, but for once try to look at the big picture before jumping into the trenches.
OP is apparently frustrated about not looking like a girl. Connect the rest of the dots yourself

  boredgirl123  |  11

I agree with 29. If she's going to sit there and complain about people never knowing her sex she needs to do something to establish she's a girl. Not saying she should have to wear a crap load of makeup. But maybe wear something that hugs her figure.

By  boredgirl123  |  11

OP could just be a stocky girl. Broad shoulders, taller than the average girl, maybe dressing in baggy clothes etc. My friend has had the same problem before. Once she started wearing clothes that showed off her figure and just being a little bit more feminine about her looks did the trick. I would just try that.. good luck!