By This Guy - 26/09/2011 17:18 - United States

Today, I went to Walmart to pick up some groceries. When I came out, the front end of my car was crushed in. On the window was a note only saying "Sorry I bumped into your car." FML
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flockz 19

He can put that note up in his ass! What a poor idiot!

kickazz16 15

Ikr? I'd give it to the police, look up the camera coverage. Trace the bastard and shove that note up his ass! You'll need a lot of cash to fix that booboo :/

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I'd probably go into absolute rage if this happened to me

kickazz16 15

Hey sorry, what if I was to ram into your house, leave a huge ass hole and just leave a note apologising. Is that okay?

It should have said 'sorry I SMASHED your car.'

aha sarcasm folks :) obv the person's a complete dope and should have left his info.

Hey wait a second, there was an FML almost exactly like this....

fatme2012 7

130 I killed your father and raped your mother, sorry!

OP do what this guy says! Wall-mart is so freaking big now they have cameras that go into 360 angles, I've been in their security room before. Chances are they caught it.

LaydiexSkull 3

But it won't matter unless they got the license plate and they show that much?

Yes, the footage is very clear. While I was in there the guy was trying to find my friends can see everything man.

maybe the op's car got smashed because tey were at walmart???

When in the world of FML do people ever write their details?

Ouch, that's going to cost you some money =) (I miss that FML...why did it get deleted?)

Asking a question on FML is grounds for thumbs down apparently ...

a polite rebel? jesus what is this world coming to!

Hey be glad, it was just a bump, imagine what a real crash to your car would be like (yes sarcasm, start voting me down)

Well after a few minutes i realized how stupid my joke was. So i'm sorry i dropped everyone's IQ a few points with that joke

It's only a scratch. Geez, chill out OP. ;)

Nobody understands sarcasm do they? Does everyone with a sarcastic comment have to clearly point out "SARCASM ALERT?" I even put a Winky face...

Dreamkiller51 5

I don't see what's the problem if he said he was sorry

You don't? Really? Well jus so you kno, The problem is that the car's front end is still smashed in even tho an apology was made. The person apologizing doesn't change the fact that the car's front end is still beat to hell. I would forgive the person if they apologized but the damage is still a problem whether they apologize or not

It obviously wasn't a sincere apology if they didn't leave their information.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

It was a sorry on a piece of's like a IOU

Just buff that out.... I'm sure nobody will notice!!