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  kickazz16  |  15

Ikr? I'd give it to the police, look up the camera coverage. Trace the bastard and shove that note up his ass! You'll need a lot of cash to fix that booboo :/

  xleanne_aLly  |  23

OP do what this guy says! Wall-mart is so freaking big now they have cameras that go into 360 angles, I've been in their security room before. Chances are they caught it.

  akallaan  |  7

Nobody understands sarcasm do they? Does everyone with a sarcastic comment have to clearly point out "SARCASM ALERT?" I even put a Winky face...

  Coolguyt2  |  0

You don't? Really? Well jus so you kno, The problem is that the car's front end is still smashed in even tho an apology was made. The person apologizing doesn't change the fact that the car's front end is still beat to hell. I would forgive the person if they apologized but the damage is still a problem whether they apologize or not