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  rainbowhobos  |  4

Wow, not to be mean, but that's a new level of desperarity... (if that's even a word). Might as well buy a shirt that says "I'm a ho." in an attempt to hide your virginity.

Owwch.. was that too harsh?

  kfrizzle2  |  4

Lol why do people think that having a significant other is sooo important. You don't need a partner. Its not the end of the world. Lol go out and enjoy being single =]

  HandOfClod  |  0

Ah! You broke his heart!
Oh so mean, meanie.

Just kidding. Asking to request someone on facebook is creepy. Even though he said it wasn't for creeps. Sounds like a creep trying to be un-creepy. Hmmmn...

  travz  |  0

lol lesson learned , won't be trying that again haha my appologies if I came off as a creeper , I saw tha pic and tried to socialize & got owned. I just got a cool FML :D

  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

14 isn't single anymore that I'm here.... Nor is 25... Or 37... Or 86... And I guess 115 because he has chick hair and I can only assume wears chick pants...

Your welcome, ladies.

  youngrob  |  0

12 is absolutly right.. ur never gunna get a man wearing a shirt that says "I love my bf".. what a horrible solution to your chances at finding any guy

  relyo  |  0

It's funny because when single guys that would've been interested in dating you see that, they're going to think you're seeing someone and not approach you.

  megiscool123  |  0

u know, being singles not that bad. I've been asked out a few times but I really don't say yes unless I really like them back. plus I love the freedom of being single :)

  scvcwcheer  |  0

this isn't an fml... it's your fault, YOU bought the shirt... can't you just be ok with being single? I wanted a bf for a long time and when I decided to be happy single, guess what? got my amazing bf. so just relax and enjoy life, let the right guy find you

  Daerauko  |  0

lol you sound like that emo dude who complained about being single and not getting women, and in the end could only be his own fault because instead of complaining should Fucking do something about!