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Today, I bought an "I love my boyfriend" t-shirt so people wouldn't think I'm single. I'm very single. FML
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with that shirt, you will remain single. very single.

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This reminds me of the time I bought an "I love ****" shirt so my family wouldn't find out that I'm a lesbian.


with that shirt, you will remain single. very single.

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i modded this! I feel so accomplished!! lol

who cares?? so many ppl are single its not even a curse anymore. having a partner does not(!!!) equal happiness.

try e-harmony, if they have commercials, they gotta be good

Take it off! I doubt someone interested will aproach you if they think you are taken. Well unless he's into that.

being single is awesome OP.. so stfu. and ydi for caring what others think... and wasting money on a peice of shit shirt.

Why do you care what people think? Just go out, you are a girl, someone will hit on you. Or, you could make the first move and hit on someone.

I hate how everyone comments on the first comment so people will see their comment lol

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then shouldnt you wear a "I'm desperate" shirt?

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agree with 12 I'm single op and there's nothing wrong with that .

u should go to spencers and buy a penispop

I think you will get more bites this way Us males don't like the easy way out, we go for what's already taken :P

Wow, not to be mean, but that's a new level of desperarity... (if that's even a word). Might as well buy a shirt that says "I'm a ho." in an attempt to hide your virginity. Owwch.. was that too harsh?

70- Since you're single, he would like to fly you out to his home. He lives in Mobile, Alabama. A van will pick you up at 4:30.

Nah, I actually wanna get your facebook 14 no stalker/rapist bullshit lol

i dont have fb , uhmm fb is made for creepers

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She has a facebook, she just doesn't want you to know that's not really her in her picture. ;]

fb isn't just for creepers lol. anyway since you feel that way I guess there's nothing I can do about that. peace :p

I predict being single with that shirt will get you shingled

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that shirt just ruined the small chance you had at being un-single.

Lol why do people think that having a significant other is sooo important. You don't need a partner. Its not the end of the world. Lol go out and enjoy being single =]

Ah! You broke his heart! Oh so mean, meanie. Just kidding. Asking to request someone on facebook is creepy. Even though he said it wasn't for creeps. Sounds like a creep trying to be un-creepy. Hmmmn...

lol lesson learned , won't be trying that again haha my appologies if I came off as a creeper , I saw tha pic and tried to socialize & got owned. I just got a cool FML :D

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^thise comments made me lol more than the fml :)

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lol I'm single and I don't really mind... bf's seem like alot of trouble :/

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being single isn't A bad thing, you can be happy with out someone ya know.

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being single isn't A bad thing, you can be happy with out someone ya know.

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alcohol and reefer will solve all of your problems

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14 isn't single anymore that I'm here.... Nor is 25... Or 37... Or 86... And I guess 115 because he has chick hair and I can only assume wears chick pants... Your welcome, ladies.

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#131 Thats just wrong. :( And they're called skinny jeans. :P

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123.... wait, what? when did I say FML was a social networking site wtf??

Fail. You would've actually been better off with an "I

Commenting on this site is so retarded. I wrote "you'd be better off with an "I LOVE threesomes" t-shirt".

68: The word you're looking for is desperation.

#133 skinny jeans and chick pants are the same thing.

sorry that you have to wear a t shirt and you only know that your single but people now a days really dont care if your single or not

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... why would you wear that? now everyone will think you're unavailable (amd commited)

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#131, ahw no 115 looks like a guy ): it's called scene hair u beetch D: skinny jeans on guys ish hawt. if u disagree just stfu cuz idc what u think.

12 is absolutly right.. ur never gunna get a man wearing a shirt that says "I love my bf".. what a horrible solution to your chances at finding any guy

um yeah, isn't that julianne hough in her pic?

It's funny because when single guys that would've been interested in dating you see that, they're going to think you're seeing someone and not approach you.

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but skinny jeans looks hot on guys like him :P

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eh those shirts are dumb you don't see guys walking around in an "i heart my girlfriend" shirt.

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just because you're a girl doesn't mean you'll get hit on. I never have. can't figure out if I'm ugly or not, haha.

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#17: But wanting a partner and not having one does equal unhappiness.

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198 your pic made me lol. :)

why would you do this if you consider your life ****** because your single?

u know, being singles not that bad. I've been asked out a few times but I really don't say yes unless I really like them back. plus I love the freedom of being single :)

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this isn't an fml... it's your fault, YOU bought the shirt... can't you just be ok with being single? I wanted a bf for a long time and when I decided to be happy single, guess what? got my amazing bf. so just relax and enjoy life, let the right guy find you

I once saw a lady wearing a shirt that said, "I <3 my baby (even if the daddy is an asshole)."

12- agreed a shirt that said "I'm single" would be better

OP, you're not going to get a boyfriend wearing THAT shirt.

you deserve it for caring about what other people think


Annalynne McWhore does that retarded tshirt crap


I've heard nothing confirming that they're actually together he could do better


Whatever adan!!! U know I like to know what things are point blank I dnt like not knowing for sure

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and who said your hot.? plus you haven't even seen how I look, so I suggest you shut up mmmk.? ^_^

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That wasn't to you sweeney. Sorry if you were hurt.

Aaaahh!!! It's YOU'RE! YOU'RE! I'll say it one more time. YOU'RE!!

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your lying 71! your misunderstood!

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#6 looks like Kendall from Big Time Rush.

I'm confuzled.. I really hope you girls are being sarcastic.

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yeah 6 isn't hot. the dude above me ^^^^^^^ is just adorrrrable though

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agreeeed 195 lol both are hoott:);)

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I have no life, and even fail at trying to get first comment.

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lol you sound like that emo dude who complained about being single and not getting women, and in the end could only be his own fault because instead of complaining should ******* do something about!

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wow someone needs to get laid !!

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u sound pretty lame op work on that don't lie about it

well if u wanna guy then why did u make one? the might not go after u if u have a bf,think about it...