By morning_glory - United States - Los Angeles
Today, my boss expected me to corroborate her lie to a customer. She changed her story suddenly and I got caught up in the crosshairs. Then she got mad at me for not understanding what just happened. FML
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  Just_A_Tree  |  20

"Ah, geez. I am so sorry. That's my bad. I had a late night last night studying. And then, this morning I was so tired I wore my socks into the shower on accident!"

The good old way to make a lie believable is to add a small embracing event.

By  Frungy  |  9

Sorry, but YDI for lying. If it was something small your boss should have just apologized to the customer. If it was something big then you really don't want to get involved.

Customers can and do carry voice and video recorders (these days they look exactly like cellphones.. wait, they are cellphones) and your job is not worth potentially getting caught up in what could easily be escalated from "covering your boss' mistake" to "criminal charges of fraud".

Looks like you didn't get into too much trouble, but next time anyone asks you to lie for them then just power up your cellphone's camera quietly and say, "Sorry, I won't lie. I don't know the full story and don't want to end up facing criminal charges.". And if your boss fires you then take that recording to court. No-matter what they claim you did you'll instantly be a more credible witness than a boss who asked you to lie for them.