By j4 - 19/12/2014 23:27 - United Kingdom

Today, my date mugged me, just minutes after I paid our bill at the restaurant. FML
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Well shit, and they didn't even buy you dinner first...

ScottVining 21

If they gave you their real name you should report them to the police.


Well shit, and they didn't even buy you dinner first...

adkim78 17


#8, you haven't heard? It's common courtesy to buy someone dinner before you mug them. It's in the mugger's handbook.

What an inconsiderate criminal not even treating the victim to a meal first...

that sucks you had to pay for your own dinner op

#42, pretty sure paying for the mugger's dinner stings much more

Could you imagine if the mugger had said, "you use your credit card for dinner and I'll give you the cash"?

yumyumpower 16

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Nice try buddy

I hope the table conversation was worth it.

I am going to assume it wasn't.

"So, what's the darkest street you have to take on your way home?" ... I would imagine it didn't make up for it.

ScottVining 21

If they gave you their real name you should report them to the police.

I'd report them even if OP doesn't have their real name. Since they were on a date, OP at least has enough to give a great physical description, if not their real name/what car they drive/etc. The fact that the "date" put on a front like that instead of just mugging the OP outright is concerning. Glad you're physically safe, OP!

If OP is lucky, the restaurant might even have CCTV, at least at the entrance.

Was he handsome?

That is a good point. Was he/she/they good looking?

Knowing OP's gender still wouldn't help. They could be attracted to people of the same gender :)

I don't think their looks really matter in this situation..

I think their looks matter so that op can describe them

Something tells me whether they are attractive or not, mugging is a bit of a turn off, unless you're into that sort of thing I guess???

@14, Yes but since only 5-10% of the population are gay it gives you a pretty good shot at guessing correctly.

Yeah, I guess that was a stupid comment.

eyebrowzzz 21

I'm so very sorry

Why? Had you something to do with OP being mugged?

Now that's a whole new level of a sad excuse for a human being...

At least you *probably* have all the info to get them arrested though, like contact details, description, etc..?

i got mugged when i tried to buy sucks haha

19990231 29


#19: Dat profile pic always makes me laugh lol

Yep definitely deserved it

Wow, we got a badass who buys weed over here guys...

you're not buying weed right if you have to try

I once had a guy pull a gun on me and asked if I had any last requests. I asked if I could have his gun. I got it at a steal. *didn't really happen

I'm really sorry OP, that sounds terrifying. I wish you lots of luck for your future dating experiences, although I understand that must have been traumatizing, so it might be hard for you to get back out there.